Apple is selling £699 Mac Pro wheels and £299 feet


Apple has started selling the stainless steel wheels and feet for the Mac Pro separately for the first time. They cost predictably astronomical prices, with the wheels at £699/$699 and the feet at £299/$299 (via 9to5Mac). 

Gallingly, both listings say that “additional tools are necessary” to install them, and aren’t included in the box.

Premium accessories no doubt, but if you or your company has bought a Mac Pro, a computer that costs at least £5,499/$5,999, then you can probably afford them.

Still, the wheels come out at £20 more than the 128GB iPhone XR. I suppose it depends on your needs.

Image: Apple

You can configure the Mac Pro at purchase. The four feet come on the unit as standard but you can add the wheels for £400/$400, which means Apple is marking them up £299/$299 if you decide to get them later. The mark up is the same price as the feet are sold separately.

It’s the mad world of the Apple high-end. When the Mac Pro was announced, we balked at the £999/$999 Pro Stand But the wheels here in particular seem like something functional that should cost less.

They will no doubt be of excellent quality, but this is a different stratosphere of expensive, even for Apple. Then again, the Mac Pro and its accessories are arguably the one Apple product that earns its ‘Pro’ moniker – regular consumers need not apply.


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