Best Huawei P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ Cases


Despite being launched in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the Huawei P40 series is an excellent lineup of flagship smartphones.

The cameras are the star of the show once again, headlined by the huge 50Mp main sensor on all devices. The regular P40 has three lenses, the P40 Pro four and the new P40 Pro+ a staggering five.

Elsewhere, the Pro and Pro+ have 2640×1200 6.58in displays at 90Hz, while the regular P40 is more scaled back with a 6.1in 60Hz panel at 1080p. 

Nonetheless, all three phones have a stunning, all-glass design that you’ll want to protect. 

Despite having a very similar design, P40 Pro cases won’t work with the P40 Pro+. With the latter not expected to arrive until June, we may be waiting until nearer its release date to see cases arrive. 

It’s worth noting that haven’t had a chance to try these yet, but can easily recommend them based on the brand’s strong reputation.


If you’re looking for something affordable, iBetter’s case could be the one for you. 

Made from flexible rubber, it seamlessly moulds to the frame of the P40 while adding very little bulk. It also is able to absorb much of the shock impact and protect the phone from scratches. 

The textured material adds a lot of grip to what is usually a slippery phone, and also makes it extremely resistant to fingerprints. 

We really like the stealthy black look (pictured), but it’s also available in blue and grey green variants. 

You can buy it now for £7.59 from Amazon, where, it’s also available at the same price for the P40 Pro.  With the phone unavailable in North America, we haven’t found anywhere that can ship the case to the US. 

Terrapin Black Matte for P40

Matte black is a classic phone case design, and Terrapin has executed this well here for a very affordable price. 

This smooth and sleek case adds very little bulk to the device, meaning you don’t miss out on the stunning P40 design. 

Terrapin claims it is able to combine ‘the robust protection of a hard case and the form-fitting flexibility of a soft case’, so you’re getting the best of both worlds here. 

If you’re worried about the screen being exposed, the raised edges should ensure it’s safe unless you drop it from an extreme height. 

You can buy it now from Case Hut for £5.95/US$7.26, where it’s also available for the P40 Pro.

Terrapin PU Leather Wallet for P40 Pro

If you’re looking for all-around protection, Terrapin also offers a premium wallet for just a few pounds extra. 

The textured raised finish mirrors that of the reptile after which the company is named, making the glass back much more grippy. 

It also ensures that fragile glass screen is well protected, and doubles as a wallet for storing cash and cards. 

It’s also made from PU leather, which will appeal to those for whom animal welfare is a priority. The inner gel case will mean you also won’t have to worry about other cosmetic damage, and there’s even a stand built in. 

You can buy it now for £9.95/US$12.14.

Olixar Carbon Fibre for P40

Olixar is regularly among the first to release cases for a new phone, and the carbon fibre one is among our favourites.

Featuring a unique patterned design, this case is thin and light while still leaving all the buttons and ports free to access. It’s also made out of brushed metal, which adds a lot of grip to what could be a very slippery device. 

What’s more, it still supports wireless charging. 

You can buy it from Mobile Fun for £12.99/US$15.09, where it’s also available for the P40 Pro.

Olixar Delta Armour for P40

This case is made primarily of gunmetal, which should tell you just how protective it is. 

While the inside provides a soft cushioned material to shield the phone, the exterior’s rugged design has been custom made for impact resistance. 

This means it’s drop and shock proof in nearly all scenarios whilst remaining not too heavy to handle. 

It’s also great in extreme environments, with a dust plug for the charging port and access to all the physical buttons.

You can buy it for £14.99/US$17.41, where it’s also available for the Pro.

UAG Plasma for P40 Pro

The UAG case does justice to the huge 6.58in displays on the P40 Pro and Pro+, with three layers of protection in a hard armour shell. 

It’s been designed with ‘adventurous individuals’ in mind, but remains feather light so still appropriate for everyday use. 

There’s complete coverage for the back and sides of the device, but the physical buttons remain tactile and responsive.

As is the case (no pun intended) with many phone cases, the UAG Plasma remains compatible with wireless charging. 

You can buy it for US$39.95 once it comes into stock, which translates to approximately £32.22. It will also be available for the regular P40 at the same price.

You’ve seen the cases, but what if you haven’t ordered the phone itself yet? See our guide the best Huawei P40 deals, while you can also check out our reviews of the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro. 


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