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The OnePlus 8 series is here. The company has once again opted for regular and Pro models, although both come with top-of-the-line specs. 

The big news is the addition of wireless charging for the very first time on the Pro, while both are sporting the latest Snapdragon 865 processor and up to 12GB RAM. 

The other big upgrade on the Pro model are the cameras, with a dedicated colour filter camera in addition to the wide, ultrawide and 3x telephoto. The display is also slightly larger at 6.78in compared with 6.55in, although both are large devices. 

Want to learn more about the OnePlus 8 series? Read everything you need to know here. 

Nonetheless, both handsets are huge glass phones which you’ll want to protect. With that in mind, we’ve picked out our favourite cases that are available so far.

Official OnePlus Karbon/Sandstone

OnePlus’ official case lineup is typically solid, and this is no different for the 8 series. 

You can get the sleek, minimalist Sandstone or textured Karbon finish on both the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. There are also new Sandstone colours, with the case now coming in Cyan on both phone and Coral on the regular model. 

The excellent quality we have come to expect from OnePlus cases is still here, with raised edges to protect from drops, without taking away from the sleek design of the phones. 

The cases are now available. The Karbon costs £36.95 for the 8 and 8 Pro, while the Sandstone is more affordable at £22.95 for the 8 and 8 Pro.

32nd Shop

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, why not try 32nd Shop’s case.

It opts for the tried and tested wallet cover style, but opts for PU leather in order to keep costs down. 

However, there isn’t any compromise on protection here, with great all-around shock absorption. The shell is designed to complete with a magnetic clasp to ensure it stays in place. Inside, you’ll find card slots opposite a plastic shell to keep the phone in place. 

There are some eye-catching colour options, with the case available in purple (pictured) and deep blue in addition to the standard black. 

You can buy it for £5.99, which translates to around US$7.55.

Olixar NovaShield

Olixar is regularly among the first brands to release new cases, and the OnePlus 8 series is no different. 

The NovaShield is one of our favourites, offering a good blend of style and substance. Its design means you can appreciate the stunning OnePlus 8 design, without worrying about its fragile glass back being damaged easily. 

Despite its main protection being around the back and side, you still have full access to all the ports and physical buttons. 

You can buy it for £12.99/US$13.49

Olixar Sentinel

If you’d like more of a traditional case, how about the Olixar Sentinel?

With a brushed metal design, this carbon fibre case is incredibly lightweight, adding almost no bulk to the device. 

Despite the flexibility of the exterior, there’s no doubt that protection is a priority here. The Sentinel has been designed to absorb shocks and impacts with ease. Its edges are also deeper than the screen, protecting the device if it should fall screen down.

You can further protect yourself against this by applying the free screen protector included with the case.

The adjacent picture is from 2019’s OnePlus 7T, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect.  

You can buy it for £19.99/US$20.99.


If you’re looking for something ultra-affordable, Giztop’s case is the one for you. 

This soft skin cover’s clear finish ensures your phone is protected from damage without taking away from the OnePlus 8’s sleek design. 

It’s been built for shock absorption, with air pads in each corner which help disperse the impact and ensure the phone isn’t adversely affected.  as well as being resistant to fingerprints and scratches. 

It provides full protection for the back and sides of your device, but all the physical buttons remain tactile and responsive. 

You can buy it now for just £1.61/US$1.99.


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