Sling TV’s Happy Hour lets you watch NFL Draft and much more absolutely free


Sling TV has long been one of our favorite TV streaming services, but it’s really raised its game in the last few weeks.

While the country is locked down and the nation is clamouring for enthralling TV to watch, Sling TV’s ‘Happy Hour’ is giving cord cutters a treat by making its Blue package absolutely free to watch between 5pm and midnight ET every single day.

Head to Sling’s website to watch – no credit card details needed 

So that means cable channels like Fox, NBC, USA, Bravo, TBS, FX, Syfy, Bloomberg TV, Fox News, Headline News, National Geographic, Comedy Central and MSNBC will all be available to watch live.

And in terms of what actual shows that makes available, we’re talking about a massive range. Deadliest Catch, Real Housewives, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Better Call Saul are all included, as well as over 50,000 on-demand titles and movies, too. And if you’re a football fan, you can also watch Friday evening’s NFL draft live stream.

This isn’t a free trial and there’s no commitment, contracts or payment details required – you can simply get seven hours’ free daily access to the Sling TV Blue service without paying a penny.

Sling TV Blue | Watch for FREE from 5pm-midnight ETThe Sling TV Blue plan gives you access to 40+ cable channels and allows you to stream on three different devices simultaneously – not bad considering it’s all free every evening at the moment. Don’t forget that there’s loads to enjoy on catch-up, too, as well dozens of movies such as Rocketman, Trolls, A Quiet Place, The Revenant, World War Z, Wonder Woman and loads more besides.View Deal

Is Sling TV any good?

It’s definitely got TechRadar’s approval! We love the fact that it allows you to customize your favorite channels on the app, and it’s on-demand programming along with movies that you can rent is pretty handy.

Not to mention that you can watch it on any device that can stream the app – this includes your tablet, phone, laptop, smart TV etc, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and many more. 

What we also find it quite refreshing that there are no sneaky fees or long-term contracts – you just pay a flat fee for the this TV streaming service. 

Want to find out more? Make sure you check out our Sling TV review. 

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