The Last Of Us 2 Hospital Boss Guide – Seattle Day 2: Ground Zero


Note: We’ve gone out of our way not to include spoilers for anything that happens in The Last of Us Part 2, but looking at any photos or reading any descriptions might give away plot details you’d rather now know. If you’re hoping to remain completely unspoiled, we recommend playing through the game first.

Surviving in The Last of Us Part 2 requires you to sneak past both hostile humans and the deadly infected–but sometimes, you have to fight. There are a few moments in The Last of Us 2 where you’ll face deadly threats that you have to fight, some of which are dangerous, difficult to defeat, and unique. There aren’t many battles that could be considered “boss fights” in The Last of Us Part 2, but you’ll know them when you get to them.

Read on for the strategies that’ll help you get through one of The Last of Us Part 2’s toughest moments: the battle in the hospital during Seattle Day 2’s Ground Zero chapter.

Check out our spoiler-free walkthrough, as well as a suite of other guides, in our huge The Last of Us Part II guide roundup–which also includes some essential tips you should know. If you’re curious about how the game stacks up, check out our The Last of Us Part II review.

Boss Fight – Giant Infected

You’ll face this boss as you explore the hospital basement in the Ground Zero mission. This thing is pretty similar to a Bloater–it’ll charge you and kill you if it can grab hold of you, and it’ll barrel through walls to come after you. It can also throw explosive objects at you, so you’ll need to be careful, but the creature’s biggest danger is that it’ll keep coming for you.

The area where the fight takes place is the real enemy here, because it’s easy to get boxed into a corner, lose track of where you are, and get run down and murdered. It’s dark and murky throughout, making it tough to spot doors, ledges, holes, and windows you can move through, but playing keep-away from the boss is essential. This thing will take a ton of punishment to bring down, so your most important goal is to keep your distance so you can protect yourself, do some damage, and craft items you need whenever possible.

Often the best way to deal with the boss is to find a spot where there’s a central pillar or object you can move around, forcing the boss to circle with you. You might not do a lot of damage during these portions, but you’ll be able to stay out of danger and plot your next move. It’ll take a lot of damage to kill the boss, so focus on staying alive and managing space first and foremost; you’re not going to bring it down by shooting it a bunch before it gets to you.

Go for high-damage weapons for this fight: pipe bombs, your shotgun (and its incendiary rounds), and the Hunting Pistol are all good bets, while you can save your other weapons for when ammo is low. The Flamethrower works too, but its shorter range means you’ll need to let the boss get close before you use it, and it won’t slow him down any. You’ll find lots of gear scattered around the area if you need it, but since it’ll often push you into corners, make sure you have lots of room to maneuver before going for it.

Do enough damage and a smaller Stalker boss will peel off from the larger creature, forcing you to fight two creatures at once. Keep an eye out for this guy but don’t worry about doing a ton of damage to him–if you hurt the large boss enough, you’ll win this portion of the fight. Shoot the Stalker when it comes after you to force it to leave, but watch out that it doesn’t tangle you up and make you vulnerable to being one-shotted by the larger boss. Keeping shivs on-hand will make getting away easier.

Keep running and dealing damage until the big boss finally goes down. The Stalker will have escaped, forcing you to find and kill it in the next area of the hospital, the morgue. Though the Stalker is dangerous, it’s not nearly as deadly as the big boss, and your experience fighting other versions of this enemy will come into play here. Use the strongest guns you have left to wallop it, and if you need to, try to get away so you can go into stealth and resume the fight on your terms. When the battle is over, you’ll be able to exit into the parking garage.

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