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Dyson’s Pure Cool Me fan and air purifier would be cool enough, looking as it does like a Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey prop. But its ability to send blasts of chilled air in directed waves around your person makes it cooler still.

Small enough to sit on a bedside table, but powerful enough to be felt a few feet away, it does a good job of fitting that ‘personal’ fan bill. You may want to look elsewhere if you’re after a device that will chill a larger room, but it’s certainly a capable option for a bedroom or home office, where its relatively-quiet operation will be most appreciated.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me is also an effective air purification system, with an onboard display letting you know how hard its filter is working. Mileage will vary here, particularly if you’re not prone to noticeable reactions to allergens, but it’s a nice space saving to feature to have as a dual-purpose gadget. Note, however, that filter replacements, available only direct from Dyson, are pricey.

With no connected features, it’s one of the more simple Dyson fans. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, making for straightforward operation and likely driving the price down a fraction. But if you’re looking for a smart home addition, or are prone to losing a remote, this button-less fan may frustrate. However, at its core this is a hard-working fan – and one that you may not feel the immediate urge to hide in a cupboard once the weather turns a bit cooler.

(Image credit: Future)Price and availabilityGood value for a combo from DysonStill carries the Dyson-brand premium

The Dyson Pure Cool Me is available now and costs £299 / $349.99 / AU$499, making it the most affordable of Dyson’s fan-air-purifier combo range. That’s down to their relative power and size, with the top of the range ‘Tower’ model significantly more expensive, and the medium-sized ‘Desk’ version costing more than the Dyson Pure Cool Me, too.

Dyson products come at a premium, and that’s no different with the Dyson Pure Cool Me, so we’d encourage you to consider if you really want both a fan and an air-purifier. If you do, this space saving solution is great – if not, buying a single-purpose Dyson fan or air purifier will be cheaper.

(Image credit: Future)DesignEasy to useAttractive, compact designFilter access is straightforward

Dyson has a knack for making devices that don’t look like their conventional rivals, and the Pure Cool Me is no different – even against Dyson’s own range. Yes, it’s a fanless design, but rather than having an open loop like other Dyson fans, the Pure Cool Me features a dome-like top sat on a cylindrical base, measuring 401 x 254 x 247mm. The dome area where air is pumped out is finished with a white gloss plastic, while the base is a perforated silver aluminium.

Rather than the ‘Air Multiplier’ technology seen in other Dyson fans, the Pure Cool Me uses a system called Core Flow, concentrating blasts of air at you by pushing two streams of air together and over a convex surface. That dome can then be adjusted to send the air directly at you, or upwards for a more general cooling of an area. 

(Image credit: Future)

Ten speed settings can be flicked through, as well as a 70-degree oscillation mode. A sleep timer can also be accessed as well as power on and off functions, and also an information button that scrolls through some rudimentary stats (fan speed and filter health) on a circular display situated on the fan’s base. All of these controls are accessed by a small remote that magnetically attaches to the front of the Dyson Pure Cool Me – which you’ll want to do well to look after, as with no app control supported here, and only a single power button on the rear, you’ll lose these control options without the remote. 

The dome part can easily be lifted up to access the single part filter (provided solely by Dyson), which Dyson claims is capable of capturing gases and 99.95% of ultrafine particles in its activated carbon and glass HEPA layer. It’s one of the easier filters to replace as a result, even if it is a bit pricey.

It’s worth noting that the power plug for the Dyson Pure Cool Me is on the chunky side though – we had to shuffle a bedside cabinet forward considerably in order to plug the fan in behind it.

(Image credit: Future)PerformanceQuiet operationEffective personal coolingAir-purifying functions suffer from lack of connected features

As a personal fan, the Dyson Pure Cool Me excels. By pushing its dome up or down, you can easily direct its air flow directly at you, or upwards for a room-cooling effect. It’s quiet in operation, making it a good desk or bedside table buddy, and its oscillation offers just enough movement to get a good breeze going.

It’s not the most powerful fan we’ve used, even at its top speed setting – if you’re sat on the other side of a larger room, it’ll feel a bit lost. But it’s one of the few fans of its size that can take control of a smaller room without its output noise being too much of a distraction. It’s perfect for staying cool overnight as a result, without disturbing sleep.

Thanks to only having on-remote controls, it’s one of the easiest Dyson air purifiers to use. You simply switch it on and let it get to work. However, it also limits its usefulness, too. For starters, there’s no smart home functionality, so the device cannot be accessed remotely nor switched on as part of a room group. But more importantly, the lack of Dyson Link app functionality means there’s no way of gauging how effectively the filtration system is working, nor can it respond to incoming data the app can send regarding in-air pollutants. Other Dyson Link-enabled devices can turn themselves on automatically if a high concentration of pollutants are recognised. It likely keeps the price down, but considering you can’t actually see in-air pollutants, we’d have appreciated the omniscient auto controller here, and the pollutant-quelling evidence the app stats provide.

(Image credit: Future)Buy it if…

You want a good-looking device

You’d never call a fan-air-purifier ‘sexy’, but the Pure Cool Me at least looks cool. When the weather cools down, you might even think about leaving it out, not only for its purifying functions, but because it’s an interesting-looking talking point in your home.

You’re short on space

Packing in a solid fan and strong air purifier in a combination product isn’t easy, but Dyson’s managed it well here. Though standalone products can sometimes be more effective, the Pure Cool Me does so in a space-saving way that’s great for smaller rooms.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re looking to cool or purify a larger space

This is very much a single-person / smaller area device. It’s incredibly well-tuned to this purpose, but consider larger, more powerful products if you’re looking to purify or cool larger spaces.

You want precise app control over purification

Without the support of the Dyson Link app, the Pure Cool Me is binary in its purifying functions. You can only switch it on or off, with no automatic, environmentally-reactive smart features involved. This may not be suitable for you if you’re susceptible to airborne allergens, and want a device that works proactively for you. 


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