Google makes it easier to discover the meaning of… everything


Chrome for Android has a new feature that allows you to look up the definitions of words with a single touch.

Browsing the internet mean encountering not only a wealth of information, but also a huge number of words, and you might not necessarily know what all of them mean. You could, of course, reach for a dictionary – but maybe there is a better option.

Google certainly thinks so, and to make life easier when it comes to understanding unfamiliar language there is a new option for anyone using Chrome on Android.

When you stumble across a word you don’t know the meaning of, you may well highlight it, copy it and paste it into a Google search to find out the definition. But Google wants to make things a bit easier for you – at least if you have an Android phone.

While in the past it has been possible to highlight a word, long-tap and use this to perform a web search, Google is now making it possible to tap to look up not only the meaning of a word, but also its pronunciation.

The meaning of life

Chrome for Android already offers a ‘Touch to search’ option, but this new feature goes further. When a word is highlighted in Chrome with a long press, Chrome will now show a definition in a pop-up at the bottom of the screen, as well as a pronunciation guide.

The change seems to be rolling out to anyone who is using the latest version of Chrome, but you may need to tweak a setting sot enable the feature if you don’t see it. Just head to chrome://flags/#contextual-search-definitions and set the option to ‘Enable’

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