Jet Set Radio Designer Explains Why A Sequel Hasn’t Happened Yet, And Who Could Make One


Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio and its Xbox sequel Jet Set Radio Future are beloved for their style and unique gameplay, but to this day there’s never been a third game in the series. The original game (initially called Jet Grind Radio in the US) released 20 years ago, and in a retrospective published by USGamer, the team behind the game has reflected on its legacy–and why there hasn’t been a follow-up.

Lead designer Kazuki Hosokawa, who still works at Sega, reflects on how the original Jet Set Radio was created by a young team, recalling how “non-photorealistic expressions began to garner more attention” at the time, which his team was able to leverage.

With this in mind, Hosokawa says that a new Jet Set Radio would need to come from a young, new team as well. He says that “more than 10 years ago,” the game’s producer told the team that they were “too old and experienced” to make a new game in the series, and he agrees. “I’ve gained enough experience that I can identify what works and how to present things… I can see the path to the end goal, whether I like it or not,” he says.

“If I put it negatively, because of my experience, I can only create games in ‘the smart way,'” Hosokawa continues. “This means that I wouldn’t be able to convey that passion in this title that could have only been born through all the struggles I faced. That’s why I’m looking forward to a new generation of creators.”

Hosokawa still clearly has a lot of love for the game, and believes that the team tapped into something unique: “the imbalance between the pop taste and fun vibe you get, but yet you can kind of sense a darkness in the world,” he says.

Jet Set Radio received a HD release for Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2012, but the series has not seen any new releases since then.

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