Horizon Zero Dawn is launching for PC on August 7 with graphics to rival the PS5


New details have emerged about what kind of upgrade PC gamers can expect when Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the best PS4 games, launches on Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 7.

Guerilla Games, the team behind the excellent third-person action game, posted a new video on YouTube detailing the improvements.

These include support for ultrawide monitors, for a truly cinematic experience, unlocked framerates, dynamic foliage and improved reflections.

These should all make Horizon Zero Dawn, which is already one of the most graphically-impressive games out there, even more gorgeous.

You can view the new video below:

Other improvements

The PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn brings other improvements alongside graphical updates. These include extensive controller mapping, so you can configure the game to how you’d like to play it.

There’s also a benchmarking tool that will give you an easy insight into how the game runs on your gaming PC or gaming laptop. As you’ll probably guess, we’re particularly excited about this.

The graphical upgrades in particular (and boost in frame rates) could give us an idea of how good the upcoming PS5 game Horizon Forbidden West will look when it launches.

It’s also another reminder that the PC remains the very best place to play, offering next-gen graphics right now.

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