Destiny 2 Eyes Of Savathun Guide: Ruinous Effigy Catalyst


If you’ve been wandering the solar system in Destiny 2 during the Season of Arrivals, you’ve probably noticed the weird Eyes of Savathun floating around. These blue orbs have always been immune to gunfire–until now. With the release of the new Ruinous Effigy Exotic trace rifle, we now have a way to destroy the orbs, and a reason to do so.

There are 50 Eyes of Savathun to destroy, and knocking out all of them seems likely to set back the Hive Witch Queen’s efforts in the solar system. Finding and wrecking all 50 Eyes will earn you the Hive Optometrist Triumph, which goes toward your Moments of Triumph and Season of Arrivals seals. You’ll also earn progress toward the Ruinous Effigy Exotic catalyst, so it’s worth hunting them down. It’s worth noting that you don’t need to destroy every Eye to complete the catalyst, so if you don’t care about seals but do care about Ruinous Effigy, you can quit at around 30 Eyes destroyed.

Here’s the complete list of locations for Eyes of Savathun, complete with images to help you track down all of them. Most are on the four locations the Darkness is currently occupying, but you’ll also find some in The Whisper mission on Io and in the new Prophecy dungeon.


Mars has 10 Eyes of Savathun to destroy, scattered across its public areas, Lost Sectors, and a few of the areas where Strikes and Adventures take place.

Braytech Futurescape

1. Right Over Ana

Head inside the Futurescape building and up to where Ana stands. Facing her, turn to the right and look up into the corner to spot the eye, which is secreted in an out-of-sight corner.

2. Toward Alton Dynamo

Take the path from Braytech Futurescape west toward Alton Dynamo, but don’t go far. There’s an Eye hidden up against the building you pass as you leave the area, but you won’t see it unless you’re facing into the Futurescape area from the Alton path.

3. Core Terminus Lost Sector

While you’re in Braytech, head into the Core Terminus Lost Sector on the west side of the area. Continue down until you hit the room just outside where you would normally face the boss. The Eye is hidden behind a pillar on the right side of the area.

4. Aurora Reach

Go north from Braytech through the building where Ana hangs out to get to Aurora Reach. Keep walking until you wind up outside. To your right is a building with the Clovis Bray logo branded on it. Head to the railing to the left of where you just entered from (and behind you if you’re facing the Bray logo) to find the Eye floating out around the corner.

5. Mindlab: Rasputin

Continue on from Aurora Reach all the way up to Rasputin’s lab, which will be guarded by Hive enemies. Just before you enter the big diamond-shaped building to cross the catwalk to Rasputin, make a 180 and look out at the area you just covered. You’ll see the Eye on your right if Rasputin’s door is behind you, hidden behind some stuff against the wall.

Glacial Drift

6. In The Elevator Shaft

Spawn in at Glacial Drift and make your way up to the left, toward the end of the bridge. Go into the building there and look for the Eye around the corner, near the overheard ventilation shaft.

7. Near The Tunnel To Braytech Futurescape

The next Eye is in the northeast section of Glacial Drift. Head toward the connecting tunnel that leads north to Braytech. You won’t be able to miss the Eye, which is floating at the mouth of the tunnel.

8. Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector

In Glacial Descent, go down into the Lost Sector on the eastern side and push all the way to its end. When you hit the boss room, stand facing the Lost Sector’s treasure chest and look to your left. You’ll see a hole in the rock wall and the Eye inside it.

9. Olympus Descent

From Glacial Descent, head south toward Olympus Descent, partially on the path you take for the Strange Terrain Strike. Keep heading south through the mountain until you get outside, then climb up along the path toward its end. When you get just about as far as you can go, turn around and look at the cliff wall to find the Eye nestled in behind an outcropping.

10. Alton Dynamo

Ride your Sparrow to Alton Dynamo and make your way through the facility the same way you do in the Will of the Thousands Strike. Keep going until you hit the diamond-shaped room near the end, where you’d stop to overload Rasputin’s reactor with the Valkyrie during the Strike, as well as fight an ogre. As you enter, head to the left and look up to find the Eye behind a pillar and in among some scaffolding in the rafters.


Mercury has 10 Eyes to find, but unfortunately, you’ll have to get two of them during public events, which take a while to happen. For at least one, you’ll need to take the steps to activate the Heroic version of the public event, so keep that in mind.

1. In The Lighthouse

Go inside the Lighthouse and to the front, past Brother Vance, where the big window lets you see down onto the public area below. Look on the left side of the window for the Eye, hiding in a tight corner.

2. In The Tree

Head outside and to the west side of the patrol area. Look for the first gnarled, dead tree along the coast of the area, which hides the Eye.

3. Above The Statue

Move toward the entrance to the Infinite Forest, then turn back and look at the round area in the center of the patrol zone. The Eye is above the Vex statue on the left side of the walkway.

4. Behind Round Vex Architecture

Go to the east side of the patrol area, near the Lighthouse. Look for a round dome Vex object surrounded by metal. Hidden inside, on the eastern side, is the Eye.

5. Public Event – Eastern Island

You’ll need to venture to each of the islands at the extreme sides of the patrol area for all of Mercury’s eyes. The first is on the east side island, and it’s the easier of the two. While working on the public event, activate the launcher that’ll send you to the east island. Work your way to the back and check to the left, behind the edge of the wall, to find the Eye nestled in the corner out of sight.

6. Public Event – Western Island

The second of the public event eyes requires you to do the work to activate the Heroic version of the public event. When you get to the western island, destroy the elite enemy and dunk the orbs as usual, but hang around near the back edge and look for a crystal to appear. Shoot it to create a platform you can jump onto, which will spawn more crystals. Destroy them and you can climb to the top of the island to activate a Vex plate that’ll trigger the Heroic event; the Eye is up there as well.

7. Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector – First Room

Enter the Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector and make your way into the first room where you fight enemies. It’ll be a round room with a central pillar. You’ll have to walk toward the exit of the room and turn around the way you came to see the eye, which is secreted up in the concrete rafters in the ceiling.

8. Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector – Statue Room

Keep going through the Lost Sector until you hit another big room with enemies. This one has a few statues scattered around in the center. Look behind the stuff near the right side wall to find the Eye.

9. and 10. Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector – Boss Room

There are two in the last room of the Lost Sector. From the chest, turn around toward the other side of the room and look up toward the ceiling; you’ll find one eye on the right and one on the left.


You’ve got a total of 10 Eyes to destroy on Titan.

Siren’s Watch

1. Next To Sloane

Spawn in at Siren’s Watch and head to Sloane, then continue through the door just past her. You want the room where the Heroic Adventure banner is located; the Eye is just to the left of it and impossible to miss.

2. Above The Alley

From the Siren’s Watch transmat zone, head south toward where public events take place in this area. You’re looking for the somewhat-narrow alley between two buildings that’s usually filled with Fallen. Look up in the middle of the alley and you’ll spot the Eye high above between some catwalks.

3. Sinking Docks

From the Siren’s Watch transmat zone, head south to the tunnel that leads to Sinking Docks. The Eye is pretty much right out the far end of the tunnel as you enter the area, in a corner just behind some Hive corruption.

4. Methane Flush Lost Sector

Head into Methane Flush and proceed until the first room full of Hive, where you see the Lost Sector boss for the first time. Look into the ceiling where some red and yellow pipes run parallel to each other. It’s tough to spot, but the Eye is hidden among the piping behind some ceiling panels.

The Rig

5. The Witch’s Ritual

Spawn in at the transmat zone on The Rig and head into the interior section right across from where you arrive. This is where the Witch’s Ritual public event takes place, and the Eye is easy to spot once you get in–you’ll find it above you on the far wall.

6. Near Cargo Bay 3

Go to the north side of The Rig, toward the edge of the platform near the overhanging section where Fallen enemies spawn. You want to drop off the edge to a catwalk below, near the entrance to the Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector. The Eye is right out on the catwalk.

7. Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector

While you’re here, head into Cargo Bay 3. The whole fight takes place in one big room; head to where the Lost Sector chest is and pull a 180 so you’re facing the way you came. The Eye is on the wall above the entrance, hidden behind some panels.

8. DS Quarters-2 Lost Sector

Enter the Lost Sector on The Rig and continue down, fighting random groups of enemies. You’ll catch a sign that says “Main Fleet” on the wall as you pass, before heading around some stacked debris that’s blocking the main hallway. Once you’re past the debris, look for a red-lit room to your right with a bunch of circular hatches marked with the number 7. The Eye waits there.

9. Arboretum

From The Rig transmat zone, go east into the Solarium, along the path you’d take as part of the Savathun’s Song Strike. Go In the Solarium, go left, or north, along the Strike’s path. Keep moving until you hit a big pink sign–in the Strike, this would be the first room in which you encounter a Void crystal that you destroy in order to dunk an orb and destroy a Shrieker. While facing the sign, spin around and look for the Eye behind some plants above a door beside the one you just entered through.

10. Festering Halls

Back to the Solarium, instead of going left and following the path of the Strike, exit through the southern door, across the flooded area. Keep following this path until you hit an area with a bunch of buildings lining the walls that look like apartments, and have a wavy quality. You’ll drop down to an area full of Hive Thralls, with stairs ahead on your left. The Eye is behind you, against the wall where you just dropped.


You’ve got 10 Eyes of Savathun to find on Io, plus five more hidden in The Whisper, the special mission accessible from the Io map in the Director. We’ve split the two into separate sections for easier tracking.

The Rupture

1. Above Asher Mir

Your first Eye is easy to find: Just spawn at the transmat zone in The Rupture and head toward Asher. The eye is above him, atop the skeleton under which he stands.

2. Behind The Pyramidion

From the transmat zone, ride your Sparrow toward the east end of the area. Climb up on the ridge you find there, where Taken and Vex enemies spawn (and sometimes fight). Turn back toward the Pyramidion and you should spot the Eye along its arm, hidden among the Vex machinery.

3. Sanctum Of Bones Lost Sector

This is the Lost Sector that’s right next to Asher Mir in The Rupture. You can get to the Eye relatively quickly. Enter the Lost Sector and push up the spiral ramp that circles the outer edge. When you’re about halfway up (but not entering the cave just ahead), turn around and face the way you came. Look way up above to spot the Eye sticking out from behind some rocks. You should be able to hit it from here, but if you have trouble, you can always climb higher through the Lost Sector for a clearer shot.

4. Aphix Conduit Lost Sector

Enter Aphix Conduit from the southwest corner of The Rupture. Make your way through the Lost Sector until you hit the boss. From where the boss Hydra spawns (and the chest just beyond it), turn around and look up at the ceiling to spot the Eye.

Lost Oasis

5. Near The Transmat Zone

Spawn in at the Lost Oasis transmat zone and immediately turn to your right. You should see the Eye in the distance, floating up against a distant cliff. You can hit it from just about anywhere, but closing the gap should make it easy.

6. Beneath The Old Tree

From the transmat zone in Lost Oasis, make your way toward the huge tree in the eastern section of the area. This is where most public events take place in this zone, and you’ll find the Eye of Savathun beneath the tree. It’s on the ridges up above the area, as opposed to the lower area at the base of the tree, but the path up the hill from the transmat zone should take you right to it.

7. Terrabase Charon

Leave Lost Oasis by the path at the north end and ride to Terrabase Charon. The Eye will be right along your path as you arrive.

8. The Wraith Mines

Exit Terrabase Charon through the door on the left, or north, side. It’ll likely be guarded by Taken enemies. You’ll want to make your way fairly deep into the Wraith Mines area behind, which also has its share of Taken enemies blocking your path. When you enter a big, red room full of Taken–the second large room full of Taken–look around the corner to your right for the Eye.

Giant’s Scar

9. On The Giant Drill’s Arm

Spawn in at the Giant’s Scar transmat zone and ride your Sparrow through the fortified wall ahead, into the drilling site. Head to the north end, then turn around and face south. The Eye is on the north side of the northern-most arm of the giant drill, beneath a panel.

10. Excavation Site III

Leave Giant’s Scar through the big round tunnel that’s inside the drill excavation site at the top of a hill, just beside the Cabal fortification you had to come through to reach the area. Follow the path into Excavation Site III and keep going through the area until you hit a large room with some enemies (your second or third by this point). This one will contain some big machinery with glowing blue conduits. Look above the door you entered through, where Io’s final Eye resides.

The Whisper

There are five Eyes of Savathun in The Whisper, the mission you can access from the Io Director map. Although there is combat in this mission, the first huge section is all platforming, and it’s in that section that you’ll find all five of the Eyes. For Hunters especially, you might want to equip items with high Mobility, including the ST0MP-EE5 leg armor, to help with some of these jumps.

We’re going to assume you’re mostly pretty familiar with The Whisper, since the mission has been available for years at this point. If you haven’t cleared it to get the Whisper of the Worm Exotic, this might be a good chance.

1. The Red Hallway

You can’t miss the first Eye, which is right along the beginning of the path, after you drop down through the hole that’s blocked by a Blight. Just continue along the path until your first jump, where the Eye is waiting.

2. With The Snipers And Catapults

Keep going through the slanted and diamond-shaped hallways until you exit into a larger room. There are Taken snipers scattered throughout here, as well as the explosive Taken fields waiting on the platforms ahead for your jumps. Before you start leaping, look immediately to your left to spot the Eye.

3. In The Green Room

Past this section, you’ll drop down into a room that resembles aspects of Venus and the Black Garden, with broken concrete and plants. The Eye is right in front of you when you emerge into the room, way out in the center.

4. Just Under The Green Room

The path forward through The Whisper requires you to drop down right where you enter the Green Room and sneak through a hole in the floor, one that’s obscured by shadow. Almost as soon as you get into it, you’ll find another Eye, hidden around a corner to your left (the path continues on your right).

5. By The Vex Gate

Keep moving and you’ll drop out into a huge room, where Xol will let you know that you’re destined to drown in the Deep. The path arcs follows the curved surface to your left, but that’s not where you’re headed. Instead, you want to leap across the room to the wall on the right, where there are more platforms. This is a tough jump, especially for Hunters, but ST0MP-EE5 will get you through if you have them. Hop over to the wall and follow the platforms until you near a Vex gate that was previously obscured by fog. Look up and to the left of the gate for your last Eye in The Whisper.

Prophecy Dungeon

The final five Eyes of Savathun are hidden in the Prophecy dungeon, but they’re not easy to come by. You’ll have to complete all but the last encounter to get them all, so get your Fireteam ready. The path through this dungeon is pretty straightforward, even if its mechanics aren’t, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the Eyes once you know what you’re doing.

1. The First Boss Room

Work your way through the first two doors of Prophecy to reach the Heaven/Hell boss room. Don’t approach the Toland orb in the center to activate the fight just yet; instead, look to your left along the edge of the room, at the many alcoves carved into the rock. You want the fourth, or right-most, alcove of the first group on your left when you enter the room. Jump over to it and look down to where the Eye is.

2. In Mercury’s Wasteland

The next area is Prophecy’s giant, sandy waste, where you can find several locations that resemble pieces of Titan, Mars, Io, and Mercury. You want the one that looks like Mercury, which includes a round-ish Vex-looking spire on its side, resembling the entrance to the Infinite Forest. The Eye is hiding behind the spire. The best way to get to it is to approach it from the side near the spire’s point, rather than from its base, because most of the area near the base is out of bounds and might kill you.

3. The Hexahedron Boss Room

After opening the way in the Wasteland by killing Taken, you’ll enter the second boss encounter of the dungeon, in a cube-shaped room called the Hexahedron. Complete the encounter by shifting the cube (look for Toland on one of the faces, then cleanse the nearby pool of either Light or Darkness to shift the cube in that direction). When you finally get to the end, you’ll have inverted the cube. The Eye will appear on the ceiling behind some L-shaped pylons, which will hide it behind the corner. You’ll have to climb some of the structures around the room to get a clear shot at it.

4. The Singularity

The next section is a twisting road of ribbons and platforms. You can ignore the vast majority of it–the Eye you’re searching for isn’t until the very end, before you drop down to the teleporter that will take you to the boss encounter with the Kell Echo. When you enter the last big diamond area full of Taken, look to your right for a couple of cubes in the corner. Behind them is a hole that’ll lead you down to the bottom half of the diamond. Look down over the edge of the platform where you exit; the Eye is beneath you. (You can also jump across the gap to find the dungeon’s second hidden chest, up a flight of stairs.)

5. In The Kell Echo’s Chamber

Like the Hexahedron boss encounter, the fight with the Kell Echo slowly shifts the room in which the fight takes place. The Eye won’t appear in the room until it’s shifted three different times, so you’ll need to be sure not to kill the Kell too quickly. You’ll want to get the Kell to go through three DPS phases in order to shift the boss room enough to allow you to hit the Eye of Savathun. When you get into the boss room after two shifts. Look for the eye up on the ceiling, hidden behind the L-shaped architecture.

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