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Beko Slow Juicer SJ13209BK deals

If you’re after a slow juicer to complete your kitchen countertop, look no further than the Beko Slow Juicer SJ13209BK. 

As the second largest white goods brand in Western Europe, Beko is best known for selling fridges and freezers, but the company does stock a rather nifty slow juicer in its small appliance collection that’s very much worth a look at.

What is a slow juicer? It works by crushing foodstuffs instead of blending them, which is ideal for pulpy juices and smoothies that should retain most of their nutrients through the process.

This Beko juicer comes with an attachment for making zesty sorbets (from frozen fruits) as well as nutritious juice drinks. Here we take a closer look at the SJ13209BK so you can decide whether it makes a worthwhile addition to your kitchen worktop. 

We’ve rated it on performance, design and price, taking into consideration ease of cleaning, the number of features on offer, and how noisy it gets – as there’s nothing more annoying than getting ear-ache while your making a morning juice, after all. 

Price and availability

You’ll find the Beko Slow Juicer SJA3209BX reasonably priced on the Beko website for £100 / $131 / AU$191. Shop around a little and you’ll find the Beko Slow Juicer SJA3209BX discounted, however, with currently selling it for £89 / $116 / AU$170. 

(Image credit: Emily Peck)Design

One of the pros of the Beko Slow Juicer SJA3209BX is its sleek vertical body, which makes the model ideal for kitchen countertops that are short of space. At 46cm high, 21cm deep and 21cm wide, its stainless-steel body is smooth and slender enough to fit in the corner without taking up too much room. 

The juicer is easy on the eye too, with a black body and stainless steel finish, as well as an attractive operation dial that stylishly lights up when in use. 

The SJA3209BX comes with two plastic 1200ml containers – one for juice and one for pulp – which proved slightly clunky to handle. They do provide a decent capacity to collect juice compared to standard slow juice models we have tried, though. 

The kit also comes complete with a cleaning brush, which has a pointed edge to help dislodge pulp from the juicer’s innards. It’s worth noting that you can come away with quite a lot of pulp stuck to the spinning brush and cylinder chamber, particularly when juicing hard or unpeeled fruits such as apples. 

(Image credit: Emily Peck)Performance

The Beko Slow Juicer SJA3209BX has a slow 60rpm turning speed that gently crushes ingredients to prevent oxidation – which can reduce the quality of your juice. Beko claims this helps to retain 80% more vitamins and 15% more juice from your ingredients. 

We found it took a little trial and error to get the juicer to work, as it will only start if the parts are correctly slotted into place: this was slightly frustrating when getting used to the machinery, as we were keen to enjoy the fruits of our labour. It’s not an overly bad thing, though, that the juicer only starts juicing when the product is assembled correctly. 

(Image credit: Emily Peck)

Once we had mastered the art of attaching the cylinder chamber to the main body, we managed to test a variety of food types – including hard produce such as ginger, celery, apples, and pears. We found it worked well on leafier veg too – kale in particular – producing a satisfying amount of liquid. It comes with a separate attachment should you wish to use frozen fruits to create ice cream sorbets or liven up your juices.

Hard produce such as celery and apples need a little coaxing with the pusher while you’re juicing, but we found we quickly got the hang of which fruit and veg needed more hands-on attention. The handy reverse dial feature will help you dislodge produce when you need to, too.

Finally, the Beko juicer is pleasingly quiet – operating at a reasonable 85 decibels even when crushing a floret of broccoli. It comes with a handy drip stop on the juice outlet, too, which should avoid your countertop getting too messy.

(Image credit: Emily Peck)Verdict

In terms of juicing and pulp capacity, ease of cleaning, and simple navigation, the Beko Slow Juicer scores well – even if you may need a bit of patience to get used to its various implements, and its slow method of food processing.

Either way, its ability to tackle all types of produce at a steady speed – and therefore retain their nutrients – and its reasonable price makes it great value for money.

To find out how well the Beko Slow Juicer SJA3209BX performed against its rivals, check out our Best Juicers for 2020 guide too.


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