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The Kuvings EVO920 Evolution Cold Press Juicer is best suited to ingredients with a high water content such as apples and pears. But its ergonomic design is well equipped to tackle more delicate ingredients such as wheatgrass, nuts and soy beans. 

Its well-balanced feeding chute can take on a range of fruit or vegetables including the more unusual juicing foods such as grapes, radish, cherries and strawberries with pleasing results. Read on for our full review of the Kuvings EVO920 Evolution Cold Press Juicer here, and for how it stacks up against the best juicers in the category.

(Image credit: Future)Price and availability

Kuvings is a well-known brand in the juicing world, but you can expect to pay premium prices for its models. Its designs range from around £399 /$523 / AUS $762 for the Kuvings C9500 Whole Slow Juicer, to £479 / $628 / AUS $ 915 for the similarly styled EVO920 Evolution Cold Press Juicer, which we have tested in here.

While UK Juicers stock a wide range of Kuvings models, but you can also find the EVO920 Evolution Cold Press Juicer over on Amazon for the same price. That puts it in a similar price bracket to the Sana EUJ-707 juicer by Omega, which is priced at £369 / $ 483 / AUS $705 online at UK Juicers and Amazon. The Omega model is our current top pick.

(Image credit: Future)Design

The EVO920 Evolution Cold Press Juicer comes with a particularly large 3.2inch O-shape flip gate feed chute that is noticeably roomier than its competitors and is designed to work well with fruits such as apple or pear, carrots and beetroot. This is because when the flip gate swings back and forth on its hinge ingredients can be simply dropped straight down into the path of the juicing auger with little need to use the pusher to coax the ingredients down. When juicing produce such as celery and carrots however, the pusher was needed a little. 

The Kuvings EVO920 Evolution Cold Press Juicer comes with a pulp jug and juice jug, and a blank strainer that is for frozen ingredients. You will have to wait 20 minutes or so for frozen fruits such as berries to thaw before use.

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The main drum with juicing screw and strainer is easy to assemble by aligning the red dots on each part and it can be simply attached to the base of the machine. The detachable smart cap that can be closed to stop the juice spout from dripping in between use came in useful. This feature also comes in handy when giving the machine a quick rinse with water in between juicing to clean the bowl and stop flavor transfer. 

What lets the Kuvings model down is the number of fiddly silicone parts that will need to be looked after and cleaning properly. But the instruction manual does give you detailed advice on how to do so. A particularly useful feature is its unique cleaning tool, which helps to clean the strainer. It also comes with two brushes for cleaning hard to reach areas.

(Image credit: Future)Performance

What is instantly noticeable about the Kuvings EVO920 Evolution Cold Press Juicer is its quiet operation. It was in fact the quietest design in our round up of the Best Juicers for 2020 feature. 

Due to the O-shape flip gate feed chute, whole fruits can be fed through and blitzed – with skin and stalks tackled without too much fuss. The manual advises cutting fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, oranges and apples into four pieces before feeding through the chute, but the design tackled half an apple with ease. More fibrous vegetables such as celery and carrots will need chopping and we found that the celery could not be fed through whole. 

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The manual also suggests cutting stems of celery, kale and collard greens two inches long and bundling up the leafy part as you insert them into the juicer, and this seemed to work well and extracted an ample amount of juice.  We also soaked the kale and spinach in cold water for up to 30 minutes before hand, as advised, for the best juicing results. 

Similar to many of the designs in our test of the best juicers, the Kuvings EVO920 Evolution Cold Press comes with a reverse button to dislodge ingredients stuck inside, and a forward button that pulls down and slowly masticates the ingredients. There’s also a lid opener that came in useful when the lid didn’t open gently after use.


What we particularly like about the Kuvings model is its durable feel and well thought out design – from the sturdy and luxurious looking body, to the comprehensive instruction manual and recipe book that comes complete with hints and tips. 

Inside you’ll find detailed information on which fruit and vegetables provide the best nutrients and recipe inspiration for healthy drinks such as red radish vitamin juice and soy milk and cocktail hour drinks such as Apple Martini. There are also ideas on what you can do with juicing pulp such as make a delicious carrot and potato mash for babies. It’s this attention to usability and usefulness that makes the Kuvings EVO920 Evolution Cold Press Juicer well worth trying out.

Want to blame it on the juice? Find out how well the Kuvings EVO920 Evolution Cold Press Juicer performed against its rivals in our Best juicer for 2020 test feature. 


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