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The Oppo VOOC Flash Charge power bank is now available in India, and its charging capabilities will delight a lot of smartphone users.

The VOOC Flash Charge power bank has a capacity of 10,000mAh and a peak output of 20W, which very few portable chargers can achieve. The aluminum casing houses two 5,000mAh batteries, which can also be fast-charged. As for I/O, we are looking at a USB Type-A port and one USB Type-C port, with support for pass-through charging.

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One of the other rare additions is that the power bank has a built-in smart chip which regulates the flow of power, and checks if the connected device is compatible with the high output. Oppo adds that there are also 13 layers of safety protection for the power circuit.

VOOC charging power banks have long been demanded by consumers because they could charge the phone to over 60% in just 30 minutes. However, it was not very easy to manufacture, as a lot of heat would be generated as a byproduct, which could be a hazard to the power bank. Moreover, the current regulator also needs to be present at the source and not just on the phone.

VOOC charging achieves an output of 20W by increasing the amperage to 4A while keeping the voltage at 5V, unlike other charging standards that crank up the voltage and can lead to excessive heat. It is the same technology that is also seen on OnePlus’s Dash/Warp charge, and should technically also support OnePlus and Realme devices.

Oppo also brought a bunch of other products, such as the O-Fresh stereo earphones (Rs 899), fast charging adapter (Rs 699), and USB cable (Rs 699) and a pair of entry-level earphones (Rs 399). These will be available across eCommerce portals.


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