Xbox Series X games list: every exclusive and cross-gen game announced so far


More and more Xbox Series X games and exclusives are being unveiled as we inch closer to the next-gen console’s launch later in the year, giving us a clearer idea than ever of the quality and quantity of titles we can expect to play on the Xbox Series X.

The new Xbox promises to be the most powerful games console in the world when it launches in late 2020, with more advanced graphics than we’ve seen before. It should compare favorably to the PS5, which is expected to land at about the same time.

Back in May, we got a first look at the Xbox Series X game lineup, with a number of third-party titles being announced. But it was the Xbox Games Showcase in July that really got us excited, showing off Halo Infinite and other Xbox Game Studio properties in action, and revealing many of the games in this list (Avowed, Fable) for the first time. 

To know what you’re going to be playing on the next-gen console, here’s every Xbox Series X game Microsoft or other publishers have confirmed so far – and some others that we hope, expect (or demand) to see.

Every Xbox Series X game and Xbox Series X exclusive confirmed

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has hosted two Xbox Series X game reveal events, meaning we now have a pretty good idea of what we will be playing when the new Xbox releases later this year.

You can check out every Xbox Series X game confirmed so far below. We’ll be sure to update these entries as more Xbox Series X games are announced and as more information on each of these games becomes available. 

As Dusk Falls

Spanning 30 years in the American southwest, this “interactive drama” looks set to pull on some heartstrings, and grapple with some strained family dynamics (including a bank robbery?). 

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has confirmed that the next chapter in the Assassin’s Creed series is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X – and will utilize Xbox Smart Delivery.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla sees players take on the role of Viking raider Eivor, who leads their clan from their native home of Norway to the shores of Dark Ages England – with a hope of settling for good. But resistance from the Saxons won’t exactly make it easy.

This new Assassin’s Creed game leans more into RPG elements, allowing players to build and manage settlements, raid towns for resources, form alliances and even customize their character.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.


Moments after famed developer Obsidian showed off a glimpse of both Grounded and an expansion to The Outer Worlds during the Xbox Game Showcase, we also got our first look at an Elder Scrolls-style first-person RPG called Avowed.

We don’t know much about it, other than that it’s an expansive RPG, and you’ll be able to dual-wield weapons and spells in a similar style to Skyrim.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Battlefield 6

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Electronic Arts has confirmed that Battlefield 6 is coming to Xbox Series X and PS5 in 2021. 

Speaking to GameSpot, EA said that Battlefield 6 will be “targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-gen platforms”. We’re still largely in the dark about what Battlefield 6 is about, and whether it’ll also be available on current-gen consoles, but we can’t wait to find out more.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Bright Memory Infinite

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Chinese FYQD Studio is behind the first game to be shown off in the May 7 Inside Xbox stream, Bright Memory Infinite.

It has a very sci-fi feel, but with swords and shields mixing with assault rifles and… magical beams of light acting as a grappling hook? There are even futuristic car chase sequences right out of Blade Runner – and while we don’t know much about the game, our first in-engine look of the game running on Xbox Series X definitely got out attention. (The game is reportedly made by a single person, too.)

We know it’s coming to PC, too, and that owners of the previous Bright Memory title will get the new title for free.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Call of the Sea

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Call of the Sea looks to be a narrative-led mystery game, tasking you with finding your lost husband among the jungles, oceans, and islands of the South Pacific.

It’s already confirmed for both Xbox Game Pass and Smart Delivery – and we’ll update you as we find out more.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Chivalry 2

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first-person hack n’ slash that sees players thrust into epic medieval battles where you can siege castles, unleash flurries of fiery arrows upon enemies and dominate in 64-player battlefields. Chivalry 2 has been confirmed for current-gen and next-gen consoles, with cross-play available across all platforms.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.


(Image credit: Deep Silver)

Chorus is a space-flight combat simulator, with Mass Effect stylings and a neat Knight Ryder gimmick – your spaceship being sentient – powering the galactic action.

There’s some confusion around the name, given the font seems to write it as ‘CHORVS’, but we’re sticking with ‘CHORUS’ for our collective sanity. Either way, with “mind-bending abilities” and plenty of space combat promised, this could be a great test of the Xbox Series X’s graphical upgrade.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.


(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment/505 Games)

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed its critically-acclaimed supernatural action-adventure, Control, is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X. We currently don’t know much more than that but the studio has teased we’ll find out more “at a later date”.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Cris Tales

(Image credit: Modus Games)

Described as an “indie love letter to classic JRPG”, Cris Tales is a beautifully-drawn action-adventure that allows you to see the path, present and future simultaneously as you travel across a dark, fairy-tale world.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.


We heard about CrossfireX back in 2019, but this new glimpse in the Xbox Games Showcase has brought it back to the forefront of our mind. It looks like classic over-the-top FPS fare, with fancy equipment and armor, wingsuits, stealthing, and some sort of villainous plot you have to stop. As the next title from Remedy (Control, Alan Wake), it’s sure to be worth a look.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Cyberpunk 2077

Image credit: CD Projekt Red (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

CD Projekt Red was reticent to say whether or not its upcoming title will be releasing on the next generation of consoles. Thanks to a tweet by the developer, we now have confirmation that Cyberpunk 2077 will be coming to Xbox Series X – and the game will even make use of Microsoft’s new Smart Delivery feature, allowing players to upgrade their Xbox One version of the game to the Xbox Series X version for free.

In addition, a “proper, full-blown next-gen version” of Cyberpunk 2077 will come to Xbox Series X – but it won’t be available on the console at launch.

That’s according to CD Projekt, the parent company of Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red, who revealed during an earnings call (via VGC) that, while the game will still release in September and will be available on Xbox Series X “from the get-go”, an enhanced, next-gen version will be released at a later date.

“In terms of Microsoft’s console, like I said, we have officially confirmed both the update and the cross-gen availability, meaning that you’ll be able to play the game from the get-go on the next-gen,” CD Projekt SVP of business development Michal Nowakowski said during the call.

“However, when it comes to a proper, full-blown next-gen version, that’s going to come later, we haven’t announced when and I don’t have a new comment here on that.”

A CD Projekt Red spokesperson confirmed to VGC that the “full-blown next-gen version” Nowakowski referred to is the previously announced Xbox Series X upgrade.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Demon Turf

(Image credit: Fabraz)

Demon Turf is a “trippy” 3D platformer that sees badass protagonist Beebz fighting her way to become Demon Queen, by taking over all the Demon Turfs. Demon Turf is coming to Xbox Series X, PC and Nintendo Switch between 2020 and 2021.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Destiny 2

(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 is coming to Xbox Series X, and pre-ordering the new expansion Beyond Light on Xbox One will get you the game on next gen, too, since it supports Smart Delivery. You’ll be able to continue with your Destiny character as usual, but we’re unsure if the game will be available at launch or not. More details on Destiny 2 for next-gen consoles will be revealed later in 2020, so we’ll likely find out sooner rather than later. 

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Dirt 5

(Image credit: Codemasters)

A new Dirt game! Dirt is a classic racing game series from developer Codemasters, and we’re not surprised to see it make the way to next-gen consoles. Expect… fast cars? Racing? With only a brief look so far, we can’t say much more, but it’s sure to be rendered beautifully, and have the smooth drifting we’d expect from a next-gen console and Xbox Series X controller. Dirt 5 will be supported by Smart Delivery, too.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.


(Image credit: Red Thread Games)

Dustborn is a single-player, story-driven, action-adventure that sees you leading a band of misfits across a divided USA on a mission to transport a package. You’ll be able to get your hands on the game when it releases for current and next-gen consoles in 2021. 

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Dying Light 2

(Image credit: Techland)

During an interview with Wccftech at E3 2019, developer Techland confirmed Dying Light 2 is set for next-gen consoles. 

“Techland always has an eye on the latest new toys!” Techland’s chief technology officer, Pawel Rohleder, said. “To be more specific – yes, the plan since the beginning of production has been to make Dying Light 2 a cross-generation title.”

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Echo Generation

Echo Generation was the first new Xbox Series X game shown off in the Xbox Games Showcase – though in the pre-show rather than the event itself. It looks to be a “turn-based adventure game”, developed by game studio Cococucumber, with a 2021 release date on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. There’s more than a whiff of Stranger Things about it, with a synth-heavy soundtrack, cabins in the woods, and teenagers encountering the weird and supernatural (meteorites, robots, etc).

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.


A surprise announcement during XO19 was Rare’s next original title, Everwild, which has now been confirmed for Xbox Series X. The game as a gorgeous cel-shaded art style, and a clearly environmental angle through aiding your local ecosystem and the fantastical creatures that live in it.

We don’t know much about Everwild just yet but Rare has said that it will “give you memorable, engaging and meaningful experiences for players everywhere to share.”

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.


What is Exomecha? Described as a “free-to-play online competitive first-person shooter”, it looks like you’ll be battling in mechs and fighting off massive robot bosses. It also cites a “unique battle royale mode”, because it’s mandatory these days.

It’s not an exclusive, given it’s also coming to PC, but you will find it on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.


The biggest announcement of the Xbox Games Showcase, this brief Fable teaser was unsurprisingly saved until last. Showing off a magical, nature-dense world full of fairies (and frogs), it certainly looks like Fable – and sounds more like a reboot than sequel of sorts – though we’re not sure exactly how far along this instalment from Playground games really is. Either way, it’s excellent fan service, and we can’t wait to see if it lives up to the Fable legacy. And yes, it’s exclusive to PC and Xbox.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Far Cry 6

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Far Cry 6 is coming to Xbox Series X – and will utilize Smart Delivery.

Far Cry 6 takes place in a “tropical paradise frozen in time” called Yara. Yara is controller by dictator Anton Castillo (played by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito), who aims to restore the paradise to glory with help from his son, Diego – through any means necessary. However, a revolution is taking place in Yara which aims to take down Castillo. Players take on the role of protagonist Danny, a revolutionist in the fight against Castillo.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.


(Image credit: EA)

EA has confirmed that FIFA 21 is joining Madden on Xbox Series X this year. Buying the game on Xbox One will unlock the game on Xbox Series X, too, but through something EA is calling ‘Dual Entitlement’ rather than Smart Pass. Progress will carry between the two versions, too. 

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.


(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite is coming to Xbox Series X at launch. After all, could you imagine players of one of the world’s biggest games going without it for even a second? The exact details of Fortnite’s next-gen versions haven’t been revealed yet, but we expect a handy visual upgrade over how the game runs on Xbox One X, which is already pretty impressive.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Forza Motorsport

The next game in the racing series Forza, for you motorheads. We didn’t really get any details about the game from its brief appearance in the July 23 showcase, but you can be sure there’ll be fast cars and a lot of tracks to race down.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Gears 5

(Image credit: The Coalition)

Gears 5 may have released in 2019, but The Coalition has revealed that the game will be enhanced for Xbox Series X, for release in “Holiday 2020”. GTA 5 on Xbox Series X will run at 60 FPS in 4K (compared to 30 FPS on Xbox One X), with Microsoft claiming the “transition from real-time cutscenes to gameplay is incredibly smooth”.  There will also be “noticeable improvements” in other areas of the game including loading times.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Gods and Monsters

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Just like Watch Dogs Legion, Gods and Monsters is another title from Ubisoft announced for Xbox at E3 2019 that’s been delayed from its original early 2020 release into the next financial year. 

Knowing now that we could see Gods and Monsters released any time between April 2020 and March 2021, we’ve long thought it’s likely that the title will make an appearance on the Xbox Series X platform. 

This has now been officially confirmed. Along with Rainbow Six Quarantine and Wathdogs: Legion, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has said it will be coming to the next-gen platform.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.


(Image credit: THQ Nordic)

After gauging interest with a playable teaser, developer THQ Nordic has confirmed that it’s going to remake its 2001 cult classic and bring it to Xbox Series X.

Nordic is planning to “stay as faithfully as possible to the original experience” and modernise gameplay mechanics but it’s also promised fans that it’ll be playing close attention to player feedback from the playable teaser; already the developer has said that it’s hearing calls for a “grittier and less colourful world”.

Development is still in the very early stages, though, and we shouldn’t expect to see it launch on Microsoft’s console in 2020.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Grand Theft Auto 5 enhanced

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Third time’s a charm for Rockstar Games, which is set to bring GTA 5 to next-gen consoles in what the company is calling a “new and enhanced” edition. What exactly is new or enhanced remains to be seen or what this means for the still-rumored GTA 6 release date. We’d like to finally see some single-player DLC added, if possible. What we do know is that the the enhanced version will come in 2021.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is was the first title that Microsoft confirmed for Xbox Series X.

Not only that, but Halo Infinite will be a launch title for Series X, releasing in Holiday 2020 alongside the console (or consoles). It’s not particularly a surprise, considering Master Chief has served as the face of Xbox for nearly 18 years… 

According to Microsoft, Halo Infinite (like all exclusive Xbox game Studios titles) will use the new Smart Delivery feature. That means you only have to purchase the game once, and you’ll have the access to the best available version for whichever Xbox console you choose to play on.

You can the latest footage above, which offers real in-game combat and truly gave us the chills.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Hitman 3

(Image credit: IO Interactive)

Hitman 3 will be coming to current and next-gen consoles in January 2021. The game will finish up the World of Assassination storyline that began with the series 2016 reboot and the reveal trailer even shows off some gameplay footage from the Dubai level. It’s just as eye-popping as you’d expect it to be, with Agent 47 infiltrating a skyscraper by scaling the outside against the desert backdrop and donning the various disguises the series is known for.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Madden NFL 21

(Image credit: EA)

That’s right! The next Madden game is coming to Xbox Series X. The NFL game will bring American football to your console with high-quality graphics and (hopefully) super smooth gameplay on the high-spec console. Also confirmed for Xbox Smart Delivery.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Marvel’s Avengers

(Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Marvel’s Avengers may release in September, but the game will be getting a free next-gen  upgrade to be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X. This upgrade will improve the game’s graphics, make load times faster and add ray-tracing, while also allowing current-gen players to move their progress onto the next-gen consoles. In addition, it will introduce cross-play for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

(Image credit: Funcom)

Metal: Hellsinger is aiming to take Doom’s crown as the most metal game of all time. Featuring an original soundtrack with vocals from the likes of Trivium’s Matt Heafy and Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz, the rhythm FPS marries headbanging metal with shooting up demons – with accurate shots intensifying the music and increasing your power. It’s coming to current-gen and next-gen consoles in 2021.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

NBA 2K21

(Image credit: Sony / 2K)

The NBA 2K21 trailer doesn’t contain any cheering fans – so it’s the most realistic depiction of this year’s real-life NBA 2020 season so far. It features NBA Pelicans player Zion Williamson all alone on the court – just him, a basketball and loads of sweat. We’re going to want to see more true gameplay footage from this Visual Concepts-developed game, and we probably will before the game’s release. NBA 2K games usually come out in September, and it’s due for other platforms, meaning if you want the best-looking next-gen version, you may have to wait.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

New Genesis: Phantasy Star Online 2

This free-to-play online game first launched on Xbox One and PC, and it’s set to join the next-gen Xbox Series X in 2021, alongside the launch of new planet to explore and fight your way through (Earth, if you’ve heard of it?).

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Observer: System Redux 

(Image credit: Bloober Team)

Observer has already graced current-gen consoles, but developer Bloober Team has revealed that it is remastering the sci-fi horror for PS5 and Xbox Series X – for release in “Holiday 2020”. This remastered version will feature enhanced gameplay, next-gen graphics and new story content. 

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Yes, this game already exists, but we now have confirmation that the latest Ori platformer is coming to Xbox Series X, with refresh rates of up to 120Hz in 4K HDR.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.


(Image credit: People Can Fly)

People Can Fly has confirmed that its upcoming co-op shooter Outriders will land on both PS5 and Xbox Series X in “Holiday 2020” (AKA between October and December this year) – the same release window that we have for both next-gen consoles.

We don’t know a huge amount about Outriders just yet, but the developer has described it as “a co-op RPG shooter for a new generation set in an original, dark and desperate sci-fi universe”.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Overcooked: All You Can Eat

(Image credit: Team 17)

A scrumptious bundle which includes Overcooked and Overcooked 2, Overcooked: All You Can Eat spruces up two classic co-op games for Xbox Series X. With all the DLC included, as well as some new content, this remaster supports cross-play, online multiplayer and a saucy 4K resolution at 60fps. 

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Paradise Lost

(Image credit: All In! Games)

Due for release on PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year, Paradise Lost is a first-person adventure about a young boy who finds a Nazi bunker while exploring a post-apocalyptic Polish wasteland and aims to uncover the truth behind the nuclear attack which devastated his homeland 20 years prior.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition

(Image credit: Frontier Developments)

Confirmed to launch on all formats later this year, Planet Coaster is a tycoon game where you try to run a successful theme park. You can even customize the different rides to your liking. Since the PC version lets you make a lot of granular tweaks to your park, we’re intrigued to see how well the controls work on console. 

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.


(Image credit: Sony)

Another offering from Capcom, we don’t know very much about Pragmata. The game’s trailer shows a spaceman protecting the world (and a little girl) from otherwordly forces, and the character walking through desolate futuristic streets; it looks like something Hideo Kojima would concoct. It’ll be a while before we get our hands on Pragmata, which will release for Xbox Series X and PS5 in 2022. 

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Psychonauts 2

The long-awaited Psychonauts 2 is coming to Xbox Series X, and it looks like it might just be worth the wait. There looks to be a musical feel to the game, with Jack Black lending his vocals to the soundtrack – we hope he’s just as present as the ‘mote of light’ following the player around the game.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Quarantine was first confirmed during Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference. It was never given a solid release date but it has since been delayed into the 2020-2021 financial year. 

So, while we still don’t know a release date, this delay has pushed the game closer to the Xbox Series X launch and increases the likelihood we’ll see it playable on the next generation of consoles. Of course this has now been officially confirmed by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot in an earnings call to investors in November, 2019.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Rainbow Six Siege

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege director, Leroy Athanassof, has confirmed in an interview with Windows Central that Ubisoft’s plan is to have the online tactical shooter be available on Xbox Series X from the console’s launch day. 

Ubisoft doesn’t want players to face being split up from their friends just because some have jumped into the new generation when others haven’t so it’s also been confirmed that the game will support cross-gen play. That means Xbox Series X players will still be able to play with the Xbox One friends. 

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.


(Image credit: Phigames)

In what might be the first game that lets you play as a sentient virus, Recompile sees you infiltrate the digital, virtual world of The Mainframe. The game combines traditional exploration-based platforming with a dynamic narrative that encourages player choice. Will you go in all guns blazing, or hack enemies to turn them against each other? Ultimately, your choices will affect the future of Recompile’s world.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Resident Evil 8: Village

(Image credit: Capcom)

While the series has focussed on glossy third-person remakes of classic survival horror adventures recently in the shape of Resident Evil 2 and 3, the future of the mainline series is firmly first-person. Resident Evil 8: Village is coming to the Xbox Series X, and looks as if it will feature a return to the creepy European setting of the series’ high-point, Resident Evil 4. From werewolf-like monsters to the return of Chris Redfield, it looks as terrifying as it is beautiful.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Scarlet Nexus

(Image credit: Microsoft)

From Bandai Namco, this unsettling action game sees you fighting off flowery enemies to protect humanity. It has an art style clearly informed by modern 3D anime, with a teenage protagonist with the gift of ‘psychokinesis’, laying waste to some sort of sentient plant life – with human legs? We don’t get it, but from the outset this looks like a hack-and-slash adventure worth a lazy afternoon. It’s been confirmed for Smart Delivery too.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Scorn (Xbox Series X exclusive)

(Image credit: Ebb Software)

Oh boy, this trailer was disconcerting. Scorn appears to take place in a grim, gray, and bloody world, with mysterious stone statues and intestine-lookalike worms combining for… something. We got some serious Alien / Prometheus vibes – fitting, given the clear influence from Alien designer H.R. Giger – and know it’s a first-person horror game, set in “a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry”.

It’s said to be an Xbox Series X exclusive, though it also appears to have a Steam page, so we imagine it will be a timed exclusivity window.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Second Extinction: Reclaim Earth

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Earth has fallen. Rally your squad. Shoot dinosaurs. This FPS game sees you gunning down dinos to help retake earth from these scaly beasties. The name isn’t inspiring, but the trailer suggests there may be some cooperative or competitive element to keep things interesting.

Xbox Series X Optimied? Yes.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

(Image credit: Ninja Theory)

Xbox Series X’s name and design was officially revealed during the Game Awards 2019. Alongside a look at the next-gen console we also recieved an official announcement that there’s another Hellblade on the way – and it’s coming to the next Xbox. 

We don’t know much about what Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 will be about but the announcement trailer, harnessing the Series X’s next-gen technology, was extremely impressive – and it’s likely the game will make use of Smart Delivery.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

(Image credit: Frogwares)

Sherlock Holmes I presume? There have been many variations of Sherlock Holmes games but this one sees a younger version of the detective traveling to the Mediterranean to uncover the truth behind his mother’s death. The famous detective will be making his Xbox Series X debut in 2021.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Stalker 2

Over a decade after the last S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game hit PC, a full-on sequel is coming to next-gen. The FPS survival horror series has been due an update for a while now, and this latest entry is sure to whet a lot of gamers’ appetites. Using improved graphics and processing power to terrify us even further feels somewhat evil, though.

As a PC and Xbox exclusive, you won’t see this on PS5, either.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

State of Decay 3

State of Decay 3 will, unsurprisingly, be the sequel to the undead open world game State of Decay 2. The title wasn’t universally loved, with some criticizing repetitive mechanics, but the increased possibilities of the Xbox Series X console could have some surprises in store.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Tell Me Why

The latest adventure from Life Is Strange developer Dontnod looks to be a brother-sister drama, where two siblings kept apart for most of their lives are reunited and start to dredge through their (predictably dramatic) past. It had previously been announced for PC, but we now know it’s also coming to Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Tetris Effect: Connected

This fascinating remix of Tetris is getting a multiplayer expansion – and while the 2018 game actually featured as a timed PS4 exclusive, this expansion looks to return the favor for Xbox Series X (and PC).

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

The Ascent

(Image credit: Microsoft)

If Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t enough dystopian sci-fi for you, The Ascent may have you covered. With dirty, high-tech cities, alien populations living side by side, and talk of supernovas causing havoc, will The Ascent be an imitator or an innovator? We’ll find out soon enough.

We do know the game will be a top-down shooter, and is the first game from developer Neon Giant.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

The Gunk

From the makers of Steamworld comes this 3D action game, that appears to center around cleaning up pollution and massive areas of black ‘gunk’ that the game is named after. There seems to be a combat element, too, what with a monstrous beast roaring in the closing moments of the trailer.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

(Image credit: Daedalic)

Announced in March 2019, Daedalic’s Gollum game has now been confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

The developer confirmed to Edge, that The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will be a “stunning next-gen adventure”. Previously Daedlic confirmed Gollum will release in 2021 for PC and “all relevant console platforms at that time”. Whether the game will be cross-generation (releasing on PS4 and Xbox One also) is still unconfirmed however.

But what will the game actually be about? Gollum is an action-adventure which focuses on the ring-obsessed creature. According to Daedalic, the narrative-driven game”tells Gollum’s story from a perspective never seen before … while staying true to the legendary books.”

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

The Medium (Xbox Series X exclusive)

(Image credit: Bloober Team)

The Medium is a next-gen psychological horror game from the developer behind Blair Witch – and with the composer behind the Silent Hill series helping to score the action. 

Players will inhabit the body of a spiritual medium called Marianne, bordering this world and the next. We can pretty much guarantee it will sound terrifying, and with it being so many years since a Silent Hill game, we can’t wait to see if The Medium is a worthy successor.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon

Not quite a full-fledged game, but the Xbox Games Showcase did show off the first DLC to come to The Outer Worlds, Peril on Gorgon. It looks to expand the story of the galactic capitalist-satire RPG, and will come on September 9. Apparently it’s the first of two planned story expansions, too.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

The sequel to Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is here! With telekinesis, monstrous puppets, and (of course) plenty of vampirism, this looks like a must-buy game for Xbox Series X. It sounds like it will have a banging soundtrack too.

With the previous game releasing in 2004, there’s a lot of hype for this title, and the next-gen specs look set to make it a first-person vampire game to remember.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.


(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

Leyou Technology, parent company of Warframe developer Digital Extremes, has revealed that its free-to-play online sci-fi shooter Warframe will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

In an earnings report by Leyou Technology, the company stated that it’s “preparing to expand Warframe to more platforms, such as the next-generation consoles and other devices”.

However, there’s no indication of when Warframe will land on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

This “visceral 4-player co-op action game set in hive Tertium” will see you and your friends fighting off hordes of enemies, with a host of ammunition and military gadgets to do it. It’s from the developers of Warhammer fantasy Left4Dead-style game Vermintide, too, so it should be pretty great. Coming 2021 to PC and Xbox Series X only.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Watch Dogs: Legion

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

First announced at E3 2019, Watch Dogs Legion was initially confirmed for a March 2020 release. However, since then Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will release on October 29, 2020 for next gen and current-gen consoles – with Watch Dogs: Legion utilizing Smart Delivery.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.


(Image credit: Nacon/KT Racing)

It’s been officially confirmed that the latest version of the FIA World Rally Championship will officially hit Xbox Series X and PS5. The racing title will release in September 2020 for PC, Switch, Xbox One and PS4, but will also release on next-gen consoles. 

“The introduction of new-generation gaming consoles is a wonderfully exciting step and we’re delighted WRC 9 will be the first rally game to become available to gamers on such platforms,” WRC Promoter managing director Oliver Ciesla said.

According to the game’s website, WRC 9 will feature rallies in Kenya, New Zealand and Japan from the 2020 WRC calendar, alongside over 400km of roads from all 13 scheduled rounds of the 2020 season.

WRC 10 and WRC 11 have also been confirmed.

Xbox Series X Optimized? TBC.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

(Image credit: Sega)

Want to play a Yakuza game on Xbox Series X. You’ll be able to from the console’s launch.

If that seems soon, it is! Like A Dragon technically came out in Japan this January (on PS5), though, so it’s only the Western release that’s being timed for next-gen consoles. It’s been confirmed for Smart Delivery too.

Given how beloved the Yakuza series is, though, it’ll be sure to get a lot of attention – with this title seeing you play as young man Ichi as he navigates the organized crime world of urban Japan – but the trailer above shows it off better than we could summarise it.

Xbox Series X Optimized? Yes.

Rumored Xbox Series X gamesStarfield

Image credit: Bethesda

Bethesda has quite a lot of projects in the works, but the one we seem to know the least about is Starfield. All we know so far is that Starfield is the gaming behemoth’s first new IP in 25 years and will be a single player RPG set in outer space.

Having only seen an announcement trailer, we don’t expect Starfield to release until at least 2020 which means it will land in the prime window to become an Xbox Series X game. Bethesda hasn’t let slip if this will be the case, but it seems likely we will be venturing into Bethesda’s galaxy on next-generation consoles.

Image credit: Bethesda

As we said, Bethesda has been pretty busy behind the scenes since E3 2018. Not only is Starfield on the cards, but the long-awaited Elder Scrolls 6 has also been confirmed to be in the works. 

Bethesda’s Todd Howard has already stated that The Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be coming out until after Starfield. So it’ll be a while before we venture into Tamriel again, likely on next-generation consoles. 

Grand Theft Auto 6

Image credit: Rockstar Games

Ok, yes, we are being a bit hopeful here – mainly because Grand Theft Auto 6 has not been announced by Rockstar Games. But it’s almost guaranteed that we will see a new instalation in the Grand Theft Auto series, and it’s not going to be for a while. 

Therefore, it is likely that a release date will fall into the next generation, making GTA 6 an Xbox Series X game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Image credit: Square Enix

Again, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has not been confirmed to be an Xbox Series X game but Square Enix has confirmed the title will come to PS4 first – with an Xbox One and PC release likely in the future .

Given the age of the Xbox One, and the ambitious nature of the game – it’s coming in multiple episodes across a multi-year release schedule – a cross-generation title with next-gen platforms isn’t out of the question. So we’re definitely hoping to see the Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Xbox Series X.

Check out everything we know so far about Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2.


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