EE and Three’s MBNL to protect 5G masts with smart spray


MBNL, the mobile infrastructure sharing joint-venture between EE and Three, is to use anti-theft technology from SmartWater to protect its sites from attacks.

A baseless conspiracy theory that claims 5G networks are a threat to human health has caused a number of arson attacks on masts in recent months, causing significant damage and affecting coverage.

Anti-5G campaigners have argued next-generation-networks can cause a range of health problems despite the fact that the entire body of research available refutes these claims, while World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations are that 5G is safe.

Mast protection

Ironically many of the masts that have been targeted do not have 5G equipment installed and the only threat to human health is caused by emergency services not having access to connectivity.

Sites operated by MBNL will now be equipped with a ‘SmartSpray’ system that marks offenders with a uniquely identifiable liquid that can be used as forensic evidence in court. SmartWater claims to have a 100 per cent conviction rate, meaning that would-be attackers could be deterred.

“At SmartWater we understand the importance of connectivity and the value of communication,” said Garry Higgins, SmartWater COO. “We are proud of the work we have done to help the Telecoms Industry protect itself against criminal behaviour. Anyone attacking MBNL Mast Sites now, thanks to our cutting edge technology, run the risk of being forensically linked to the scene of their crime.”

Ofcom has rebuked a number of media outlets, including ITV, London Live and community radio station Uckfield FM for discussing such theories without appropriate context or challenge.


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