Vodafone’s new deal offers a new fee-free iPhone upgrade every year


To get a new iPhone deal upgrade each year can be a privilege only for those that can afford the fee. At least that was the case – until now – as Vodafone has announced a new plan that offers a yearly new iPhone upgrade without the cost of an extra fee.

The Vodafone Annual Upgrade Promise means that if you buy an iPhone 11 or iPhone SE now on any plan, then you can trade it in after 12 months to get the latest model without paying an early upgrade fee. You also get AppleCare Services and an extended 24-month warranty thrown in to sweeten the deal when you buy Vodafone Insurance.

The catch? You will need to take out a 24 month plan, but this makes sense since you’re going to have the new phone for another year at least until the next upgrade.

If you’re quick, you can combine this with Vodafone’s Summer Data Deals to grab a real bargain thanks to double data on offer until the 3 September. That applies to the Apple iPhone 11 deals, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone SE.

As an example, at the lower end of pricing, you can grab an iPhone SE with doubled data to 48GB for £39 per month plus an upfront £19.

Unbeatable roaming and Very Me rewards

If you go for an unlimited data plan then you get 5G in more places across Europe than any other network, claims Vodafone. It’ll also mean roaming access in 81 destinations worldwide.

Max Taylor, consumer director at Vodafone UK said: “Our Annual Upgrade promise lets our customers have the latest iPhone every year without prohibitive upgrade fees.

“Combine this promise with our market-leading unlimited data plans, unbeatable roaming and Very Me rewards, all on the UK’s best mobile data network and Vodafone sets the benchmark for Apple lovers looking for a great deal.”

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