Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit brings the franchise from the TV to your living room floor


For kids both young and young at heart, Nintendo is releasing a new toy to fulfill the childhood fantasy of turning your living room into a Mario Kart race track.

It’s all thanks to a new partnership with smart toy company Velan Studios that Nintendo has put in charge of producing Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – a remote controlled car that syncs up to the Nintendo Switch and, through the magic of augmented reality, turns your living room into a totally customizable track.

Based on the trailer shown off during the Nintendo Direct event, it looks like multiple RC cars can be used simultaneously to recreate the experience of the games and it will even work when docked so everyone in the house can watch along. 

According to Nintendo, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit hits store shelves on October 16 2020 and will be available for the holiday season.

Nintendo’s no stranger to smart toys

While Nintendo wasn’t quite so keen about a company taking the Mario Kart name and using it to promote a go-kart experience in Tokyo, per Polygon, the gaming titan has always taken to the idea of mixing digital entertainment and real-world toys.

For those who aren’t old enough to remember, the original NES launched with R.O.B. the robot and the Zapper light gun for Duck Hunt, and several generations of consoles have had companion toys to go with them (see: amiibo, Nintendo Labo).

The latest combination of smart toy tech and the Nintendo Switch actually looks more fun than Labo, and thanks to the ability to add new racers and change the track around, should stick around for a bit longer, too.


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