PS5 Box Art Revealed For Disc And Digital Versions


The PlayStation 5 will release on November 12 for $500, and both an all-digital and a disc drive version of the system will be available. As the hype cycle grows, every new reveal is exciting–including what the box will look like.

Now, we have the retail box art for both versions of the system. You can check them out in the tweet from Cheap Ass Gamer below. Check them out and know the box that will, more than likely, sit in your cupboard for the full console generation once the system is set up.

Both systems will have the same specs, and can run games at 4K or 8K. While the systems themselves look very similar, the box arts are different colors–one white, one black. The more expensive system is white, which is the reverse of the Xbox situation.

Of course, which box you like more is unlikely to be a factor in your decision to pick one or the other.

Now we know both what the packaging looks like, and what’s inside the box. Both versions of the PS5 will ship with a single DualSense controller, a HDMI cable, and free game Astro’s Playroom.

If you want to grab the system yourself, check out the PlayStation 5 preorder guide. The system is already selling out at various outlets.

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