Virgin is offering one of the best big data SIM only deals around for just £16/pm


Virgin is rarely a network that is able to provide affordable bills on SIM plans, usually falling into the higher price brackets. However, right now it has slashed its costs to offer one of the best prices on the market.

Virgin has taken its 50GB of data plan and brought the costs all the way down to just £16 a month. That quickly makes it one of the best SIM only deals around right now for those needing a larger data plan.

While it won’t be enough for all, 50GB is plenty for many. That’s enough to download 1250 apps, host a 8 day Zoom quiz or listen to 66 days worth of podcasts…somehow?

You can find out more about this Virgin SIM only deal below:

This bargain Virgin SIM only deal in full:

Virgin Mobile SIM only | 12-month contract | 50GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £16pmThis is both the best price around from Virgin and one of the best SIM only deals around in general. It will cost you just £16 a month while providing you with 50GB of data. That’s enough to watch 100 hours of SD streaming, browse the internet for 600 hours or stream Spotify’s top 40 roughly 500 times. On top of that, Virgin is throwing in unlimited calls and texts.View Deal

What benefits does Virgin offer with SIM plans?

Virgin is a popular SIM provider. It piggybacks off the EE network which means you’ll be getting reliable 4G speeds across the country and won’t have any issues with connection.

On top of that, Virgin offers a few unique benefits. Firstly, you can rollover your data each month. If you still have plenty left one month, that extra amount can then be used the next month on.

Know you’ll be pushing it to the limits in terms of data? Virgin allows you to install a spending cap which will cut you off before you hit your limit.

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