Confirmed: some Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 pre-orders have been delayed


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has officially gone on sale to the public in the US, UK, and other regions, but the new foldable phone might be getting to buyers later than they expected. After hearing reports of delays, Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that a number of Galaxy Z Fold 2 pre-orders will be delayed.

Here’s Samsung’s official statement:

“Due to delays in shipment, a number of customers who pre-ordered the new Galaxy Z Fold2 will receive their device later than expected. We have contacted all customers affected directly, and are working with our distribution team to get these to them as soon as possible.”

Samsung didn’t offer a reason for the delay, nor did they say how many pre-orders were affected, nor how long the orders would be delayed.

We’ve asked Samsung for clarification on these questions, as well as whether the delays affect standard orders made now, and will update this post when we hear back. 

Readers chime in with delay alerts

We initially heard from customers in the UK who had pre-ordered the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but it’s unclear how far-ranging the delays are. 

For instance, looking up the Galaxy Z Fold 2 on Samsung’s UK page shows the foldable shipping on October 2 at time of publication. Samsung’s US page, on the other hand, shows shipping by September 25 for the Mystic Bronze color but bit more drastic shipping delay for the device in Mystic Black, which ships by October 16. 

Anyone ordering a with a custom color for the hinge should expect their order to ship in five to six weeks, though that’s not unexpected.


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