Voxi’s superb SIM only deal ends today – 12GB data for only £10 per month


At the start of the month, Voxi launched a SIM only deal plan with enough features to keep anybody happy. It’s affordable, keeps you on a flexible contract and removes that niggling fear of running through your data too fast.

The first and most important part of this offer is the data. Voxi doubled the data from 6GB up to 12GB – plenty for most people’s streaming, gaming and internet habits. And an absolute steal for a mere £10 per month.

Use so much social media that you think you’d blitz through that? Not a problem! Voxi plans don’t use up any data when you’re on social media apps. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and a host of apps won’t touch your data cap, no matter what you use them for.

And the same goes for streamers. If you have the habit of streaming Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube videos while you’re out and about on a 4G or 5G signal, then there’s no need to worry about that rinsing through your data either.

Finally, all of Voxi’s SIM only plans operate on 1-month rolling contracts. That means you can leave at any time. Stay for a month, a year, 50 years – it’s up to you. You can find out more about this offer below – but you’d better act quickly, as this offer comes to an abrupt close today.

Voxi’s impressive limited-time SIM only deal:

SIM only plan from Voxi | 1 month rolling | 6GB 12GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £10 per monthThis Voxi SIM is offering some fantastic value right now. For just £10 a month, you’re getting a substantial 12GB of data – double what Voxi was previously offering. And while that will be plenty for most, the unlimited usage of social media will sort those who are still worried about going over their data cap. Deal ends on Tuesday, September 29View Deal

What other SIM only deals are available?

While the above Voxi offer is certainly impressive, it isn’t the only plan out there. Three can offer unlimited data for £18 a month or go with EE and you can get 100GB of data for just £20 a month.

Obviously those are both significantly more than what Voxi is charging. If you want to stay nearer to that cost, Three can offer you 4GB for just £6 a month or even cheaper, iD Mobile will get you 1GB for £5 a month. 

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