Google Pixel 5 launch live blog: follow along with the ‘Launch Night In’ event


The so-called Google Nest Audio is rumored to be the company’s latest smart speaker, and it’s set to be the successor to its flagship speaker, the Google Home. 

We’ve actually seen a lot of the Google Nest Audio in recent weeks, after the tech giant released a teaser video that showed off the wireless speaker’s new design, with a loaf-shaped build and fabric grille. 

Said to offer superior sound to its predecessors, the Nest Audio has even been mistakenly sold by Walmart in the US, as one Redditor discovered.

“Audio quality blows the original Google home out of the water by a very, very wide margin,” the Redditor reports. “Highs are super clear and crisp, lows are remarkably delicate and defined whereas heavy bass items seem to have definition rather than just heavy output. Seems competitive with my Sonos IKEA Speakers at lower volumes.”

Of course, we’ll need to test it out for ourselves to find out whether the Nest Audio delivers in terms of audio quality – as well as its onboard Google Assistant’s smart home integration – but we’re excited to hear more about it at the big event.


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