New Rainbow Six Siege Update Reworks Tachanka, Full Patch Notes Detailed


Ubisoft Montreal has rolled out yet another rework for Rainbow Six Siege’s Tachanka. The patch notes (outlined below) replaces his turret with a launcher and makes several other changes to the Defender, including making the DP27 LMG his primary weapon.

Instead of the RP-46 Degtyaryov stationary turret he used to carry, the update swaps that for the Shumikha Launcher. The firearm lobs grenades that produce a fire AOE one second after the grenade first touches the ground. Grenades are inserted one at a time, with Tachanka able to carry 10 total grenades and the Shumikha Launcher equipped with a five-grenade magazine.

Elsewhere, Tachanka will no longer have the Withstand ability after the studio monitored its performance on the Test Server. There’s no explanation for why the ability is being removed.

Another aspect of Tachanka that has been altered is his voice lines. Because of “unavoidable circumstances,” Ubisoft Montreal had to rerecord Tachanka’s lines with a new actor. “We thank Anatoly Zinoviev for his past work as Tachanka’s voice actor and for the passion he was able to provide to both the role and to the community,” Ubisoft wrote in the patch notes.

Update 3.1 for Rainbow Six Siege also addresses various bugs centered around Tachanka’s rework. This includes fixing several sound and visual effects for the Shumikha Launcher, improving user interface and store visuals, and ironing out the DP27 LMG’s damage inconsistency.

Full Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3.3.1 Patch Notes


Shumikha Launcher: Tachanka’s RP-46 Degtyaryov turret has been replaced with the Shumikha Launcher.This launcher shoots grenades that generate areas of fire 1 second after the first bounce.The Shumikha Launcher is equipped with a fixed 5-grenade magazine. Tachanka has a total of 10 grenades available. Grenades are inserted one by one.DP27 LMG The DP27 LMG is now available as a primary weapon option for Tachanka and will be replacing the SASG-12.This weapon allows players to open rotations on soft walls and destroy hatches.Withstand Ability After his time on the TS, Tachanka will no longer have the ability to Withstand.Tachanka Voice Lines Due to unavoidable constraints, voice lines have been recorded with a new voice actor for Tachanka upon the release of his rework. We thank Anatoly Zinoviev for his past work as Tachanka’s voice actor and for the passion he was able to provide to both the role and to the community.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Several issues with visuals and functionality on Shumikha Shells.Fixed: Various SFX issues with the grenade launcher.Fixed: Visual issues present with the grenade launcher.Fixed: Several UI and store visuals with the Slava Korolyu Elite items and icons.Fixed Tachanka’s Elite fire VFX from the MVP dance are present on his model in multiple maps.Fixed: Frag bounce sound can sometimes play unintentionally.Fixed: Tachanka’s DP27 LMG currently has the full penetration attribute.Fixed: DP27 does 48 damage instead of 49.Fixed: There is a major visual obstruction when Tachanka guard breaks a shield with his DP27.Fixed: The DP27 benefits from 1 additional round, despite being an open bolt machine gun.

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