The future of The Void’s in-person VR games are in doubt


The future of a virtual reality startup offering in-person experiences is in doubt as a consequence of COVID-19. Protocol is reporting that The Void, which produced titles like Avengers: Damage Control, has been taken over by creditors after experiencing financial difficulty. Its money woes were sufficiently bad that Disney, whose IP was used in a number of its titles, has ended the pair’s licensing and real-estate partnership. 

Jim Bennett, who now owns The Void’s IP and assets, reportedly said that he plans to sell the company, or resume operations when it is safe to do so. It quotes the figure, saying that if progress on a COVID-19 vaccine is swift, then he is confident that “location-based VR will be back in high demand.” Bennett is said to have added that the technology has plenty of other uses, including professional sports, concerts and training. 


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