The Division 2 Season 4 And Title Update 12 Go Live Next Week


Ubisoft has announced that Season 4 of The Division 2’s Warlords of New York expansion will go live on December 8 alongside Title Update 12 for all platforms. The latest update includes a new rogue agent to hunt, improvements to The Summit, and quality-of-life enhancements.

The headlining feature of Title Update 12 is specifically for owners of the Warlords of New York expansion: The start of Season 4. The new season of content sends players to hunt Faye Lau, a former commander that held a rather prominent role in the first The Division game. Players must first kill off her subordinates, four ex-Division operatives recruited by the major enemy faction Black Tusk, before they can pinpoint Lau’s exact whereabouts. Of course, taking Lau and her accomplices out will reward players with a bevy of gear and weapons.

Warlords of New York expansion owners will also get access to additional pieces of equipment once Title Update 12 drops next week. There are new seasonal outfits and gearsets (like the Rigger, which focuses on faster deployment and lethality of skills), skill variants (such as Achilles Pulse, a scanner that reveals enemy weak points), and three more Exotics (the Capacitor assault rifle, Scorpio shotgun, and Waveform holster) that players can earn in-game.

The Summit, a massive skyscraper with 100-floors of increasingly difficult challenges, will also see some updates exclusive for Warlords of New York expansion owners. This includes two new Challenge categories (Ascent and Tactical), more commendations, guaranteed targeted loot when unlocking elevator checkpoints, and an enhanced objective categorization system.

There are also additional features given to Warlords of New York expansion owners, including optimization stations to better min-max their stats and a global event vendor where players can spend the stars they earn from completing global event challenges on different caches.

While most of Title Update 12’s features are built for Warlords of New York players, Ubisoft will roll out some quality-of-life improvements for everyone next week as well. For example, players can wear masks whenever they want (they were previously only worn in contaminated areas), inventory size has been increased to 150, and loadout slots have been increased to 16. More space means more items to manage. And as such, Title Update 12 will also come with an improved inventory management system to better filter things like gear mods. Lastly, players on next-gen hardware should see some frame rates improve over the course of Season 4.


Season 4 and Title Update 12 drop on December 8 and to celebrate, Ubisoft will host a holiday event that gives players a chance to unlock a gun that shoots snowballs. Further, players can also get a limited-time Hunter mask for completing The Summit during the holiday event.

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