PS5 restock update: here’s the next likely order date if the schedule holds


Friday update: The PS5 restock at Sony Direct was snapped up within minutes, but we fully expect everyone to get another chance to buy PS5 from this same source. It’s been available through this store on weekdays, according to Sony’s unflappable schedule, meaning you should keep your browser tuned to this page on Monday, December 14. It’s always at a random time during the day.

Until that restock date, you should also check out Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart for surprise PS5 console drops. Amazon had restock at midnight PST this week, and Best Buy came through for us last week. Walmart is overdue for more PS5 restock, so it’s wise to do periodic checks there, too. 

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If you’re searching where to buy PS5, Sony Direct had PS5 consoles in stock, but they quickly sold out again. Sadly, they only seem to be in stock for a short period, but there’s good news: they seem to be opening up the purchase queues every weekday, so check back in routinely to see if they’re back in stock.

Even more convenient: the queues seem to be loading from the same link every time it’s back in stock, so check the links below on a regular basis to see if new ones have been added – if they are, we’ll update this page. 

Just a heads up when you do get into the queue: you’ll probably be waiting for awhile. We had estimated wait times of over an hour when we’ve tried, so you’re not alone if you see a similar prompt. Stay strong. 

Click below for links to both the standard PS5 as well as the lower-cost disc-less PS5 Digital Edition – both of which will play all PS5 games.

PS5: SonySony has PS5 in stock – here’s the link for the standard edition, which allows you to play PS5 games digitally or on disc. Buy this one if you plan to get physical versions of games, either to trade with your friends or buy used later.View Deal

And click here for the disc-less PS5 Digital Edition. It costs less, but you won’t be able to load it up with used games down the line.

PS5 Digital Edition: SonySony has PS5 in stock – here’s the link for the PS5 Digital Edition, which allows you to play PS5 games if you download them. Buy this one if you want to save some money and have a solid internet connection to download, well, everything.View Deal

If you miss out on Sony’s PS5 stock or simply want to know where to buy PS5 quickly, you’ll find all the links to buy PS5 at various retailers below, including the PS5 Digital Edition. Keep checking these links as you never know when more consoles will hit the shelves. 

Where to buy PS5: quick links


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