50 Games You Should Have On Your Radar In 2021


2020 saw the release of a lot of awesome indie games–If Found…, Evan’s Remains, Signs of the Sojourner, Umurangi Generation, Murder By Numbers, Vigil: The Longest Night, What Comes After, Monster Train, and so many others. But with the year coming to a close, it’s time we start looking forward to the ton of cool-looking indie games scheduled to launch in 2021.

Of the many indies currently scheduled to come out in 2021 and beyond, these 50 have really caught our eye. They’re listed alphabetically.

12 Minutes

A time loop-focused thriller, 12 Minutes sees you learn that your wife is pregnant before a police officer breaks into the apartment, accuses your wife of murder, and kills her. You’re then sent back 12 minutes into the past and are given free reign to try and influence the outcome of events before they reset again. You aren’t given an explicit goal; it’s up to you to figure out what the best outcome to the time loop is. The game’s voice cast is composed of James McAvoy (Split), Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), and Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man). 12 Minutes is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2021.


In Adios, you play as a pig farmer who disposes bodies for the mob. One day, you decide you’re done with all the death. So when your friend, a hitman for the mob, arrives at your farm with a body for you to get rid of, you tell him you want out, knowing that he’ll have to kill you to ensure you don’t rat on the organization. The two of you then spend the day together doing chores, knowing that if he doesn’t convince you to keep working for the mob, he’ll kill you before he leaves. Adios is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC “soon.”

Anno: Mutationem

Anno: Mutationem puts 2D action adventure platforming into a fully explorable 3D open world, all wrapped up in a stylish pixelated cyberpunk aesthetic. You play as Ann, a badass trying to fight her way through a corporate-run city and carefully navigate its fringe groups while on her own personal quest. The game also includes crafting mechanics, side quests, and dialogue trees. Combat seems to be the game’s main highlight though, allowing you to chain together attacks from different melee weapons and firearms in cool-looking combos. Anno: Mutationem is coming to PS4 and PC in 2021.

The Ascent

The Ascent is a loot-based RPG that can be played solo or in either local or online co-op. The game sees you fight through the violence-filled districts of a cyberpunk-influenced world, one where your home is threatened by gangs following the mysterious shutdown of mega-corporation The Ascent Group and the loss of all automated security systems. The Ascent is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2021.

A Space For The Unbound

A slice-of-life adventure game set in late ’90s rural Indonesia, A Space For The Unbound explores the struggles of overcoming anxiety, living with depression, and falling in love while having supernatural powers. In A Space For The Unbound, high school sweethearts Atma and Raya begin to notice strange happenings that threaten the livelihood of their home. As Atma, you have the power to enter people’s minds, allowing you to uncover the secrets that will aid in your efforts to save the town. A Space For The Unbound is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC “soon.”


Have you ever wanted to play as a second-class citizen detective who inhabits a noir-inspired dystopian Vancouver… and is also a racoon? Because if the answer is “yes,” then Backbone looks to be for you. As private eye Howard Lotor, you’re pulled into a string of cases that sees you regularly confront the abusive regime and rampant systemic inequality that defines your home. You’ll be tasked with interrogating witnesses, figuratively (and probably literally, to be honest) sniffing out evidence, and choosing how to follow the leads you deduce. Backbone is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC in 2021.

The Big Con

The Big Con is a colorful adventure game set in ’90s America. You play as Ali, a teenager trying to save her mother’s video store, which owes a massive debt to some gangsters. How you acquire the money is up to you. Sell collectibles for more than their worth? That works. Wear disguises and steal valuable merchandise from the mall? Perfectly legitimate strategy. Bribe a cop to look the other way while you pickpocket everyone in sight? Gotta spend money to make money. The Big Con launches for Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2021.

Call Me Under

In Call Me Under, you find yourself in an eldritch horror-infested underwater city that’s caught in a centuries-long war. However, more importantly, you also find yourself meeting six gorgeous individuals, all of whom are romanceable. With 25 possible endings, there seems to be a great deal of replayability to this 1950s-set game. The game’s main characters are also all fully voiced–the cast includes notable talents from other video games like Allegra Clark (Apex Legends), Robbie Daymond (Cyberpunk 2077), and Noshir Dalal (Red Dead Redemption II). Call Me Under is coming to Switch and PC in Fall 2021.

Chasing Static

A first-person psychological horror game, Chasing Static utilizes audio-driven gameplay mechanics where you have to rely on sound to solve puzzles and escape the nightmare you find yourself in (though accessibility options allow you to play the game without sound). In Chasing Static, you play as Miles, a man who stumbles into the remains of a forgotten government cover-up in the middle of rural Wales, one involving a phenomenon that causes time to temporarily stop moving forward. Chasing Static is scheduled to release for PC “soon.”

Chinatown Detective Agency

Inspired by the Carmen Sandiego games, Chinatown Detective Agency sees you play as Amira Darma, INTERPOL agent turned private eye, whose case work takes them across 2032 Singapore and then the world at large. Investigations require real-world detective work–like, you’ll have to actually bring up Google or crack open a book and use what you learn to inform how to process the in-game evidence. While investigating, you’ll also have to build and manage your network of contacts and hire staff, forcing you to balance your time between your job and your relationships. Chinatown Detective Agency is coming to PC in “early 2021.”

Cooking Companions

Cooking Companions is one of those “cute turns creepy” games. In Cooking Companions, you travel with four other adults to the Tatras Mountains. However, the five of you become trapped after the flood waters rise, and when supplies begin to run low, folks start getting desperate. It’s up to you to manage people’s mental, emotional, and physical states, keeping spirits up and bellies full with the right words/actions and the dwindling cooking supplies at your disposal. Play your cards right and everyone might make it out–heck, you might land the love of your life. And if you don’t…well…what’s a little cabin fever and starvation-fueled cannibalism among fellow chefs? Cooking Companions releases for PC in October 2021.

Cris Tales

In Cris Tales, you play as time mage Crisbell, who can see into the past, present, and future all at the same time. Thanks to your time-hopping frog companion, Matias, you can pull objects from the past or future into the present, allowing you to alter how events transpire. Tasked with defeating the Time Empress before she comes to power, you must manipulate time in order to solve puzzles and make it easier to hold your own against powerful enemies. How you choose to do so can have long-standing consequences though. Cris Tales will launch for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Stadia in “early 2021.”


With a graphic novel-inspired art style, Dustborn is a story-driven action-adventure game about a group of misfits on a roadtrip in 2030 post-infodemic America. You play as Pax, a con-artist tasked with transporting a package across the country, something that won’t exactly be easy considering you’re four-months pregnant and not everyone on the road is exactly friendly. Thankfully, you possess superpowers (which are, fascinatingly, strengthened by disinformation) and a loyal crew that has your back. Dustborn is scheduled to release for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC “soon.”


From Shanghai-based studio Pixpil, Eastward is a charming adventure game about societal collapse. Okay, admittedly, we wouldn’t normally describe societal collapse as “charming” either, but there’s no other word for the art style and music in this adventure RPG. It centers around a young girl, Sam, and a grizzled man, John, leaving behind their subterranean city to make a life for themselves on the surface, which has succumbed to a toxic presence that has eaten away at almost everything. You’ll switch between Sam and John to handle combat and puzzles on your cross-country adventure through a decaying land, interacting with the last remnants of surface human society in your search for a home. Eastward is set to launch for Switch and PC “soon.”

Echo Generation

Set in a small American town in the early 90’s, Echo Generation molds together a traditional retro art style with a modern 3D pixelated look to produce a charming design. This RPG features a mix of real-time and turn-based combat and has an original soundtrack composed of both electronic and synthwave music. In Echo Generation, you control a party of kids who end up investigating the cause of the supernatural occurrences affecting their town, an adventure that sees them battling against all kinds of enemies, from demonic-looking monsters to giant mechs. Echo Generation will launch for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2021.

Everspace 2

The original Everspace is a wonderful 3D spaceship shooter that incorporates roguelike elements into both its gameplay loop and nonlinear campaign. Everspace 2 seems to build on that winning formula, adding new ship designs, weapons, and environmental hazards. In Everspace 2, you’re a part-time trader who must jump from system to system to reach outposts, collecting resources as you go. On your travels, you can run into pirates that will try to steal your cargo, as well as the remnants of a mysterious alien society–encouraging you to outfit your ship with the ideal loadout for fighting off enemies or traveling off the beaten path. Everspace 2 is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2021.

Garden Story

In Garden Story, you play as Concord, a sentient grape that is tasked with defending his island from the Rot. Your duties can be as direct as physically fighting off the encroaching Rot or you may tackle the problem by a more roundabout way: talk with the other residents of the island and you may be able to find ways to convince them to aid you in your efforts. One grape can’t shoulder all the responsibility forever–you’ll need the help of all the berries, fungi, and frogs that call the island home. Garden Story is scheduled to launch for Switch and PC in 2021.

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is a steampunk-influenced action-RPG platformer. You play as Aletheia, a fierce redhead with a deadly aim. Though you do possess melee attacks, your revolver is clearly your best asset in Gestalt: Steam & Cinder’s challenging combat. When you’re not battling monstrous automata, you’re trying to unravel a massive conspiracy by interacting with NPCs in choice-driven dialogue. And with side quests to complete and abilities to craft, there’s plenty to do in this excellent-looking RPG. Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is set to release for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC in 2021.


Grime looks so cool: It’s an action-adventure RPG where you play as a sentient black hole. So instead of firing a weapon, you can manipulate gravity to fling enemies’ attacks back at them. The world is really creepy, featuring statue-like enemies that seem to spring out of the floor and walls. There are also far more nightmarish creatures, like this voluptuous woman-looking enemy–if said woman’s torso was a human mouth. It’s really gross but in a dope way, if that makes sense. The game seems to have metroidvania influences as well, featuring an interconnected world that slowly opens up as you gain abilities that change how you both fight and explore. Grime is set to launch for PC, but its release date is TBA.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Hollow Knight: Silksong looks to build on the superb design of its predecessor, offering another soulslike metroidvania that takes place in a gorgeous interconnected world and features a cast of bug, fungal, and arachnid characters that run the gamut of cute to terrifying. In Hollow Knight: Silksong, you play as Hornet, the secondary protagonist of the first game, who becomes trapped in an unfamiliar kingdom. In order to escape, she must ascend to the top. Hollow Knight: Silksong is scheduled to launch for Switch and PC, and it does not yet have a release date.

Impossible Bottles

A rhythm game, Impossible Bottles tasks you with solving the global energy crisis through the power of dancing robots. In each level, you must fire streams of electricity in time to the music, which powers a robot, who will dance to the beat in these cute animations, while messing up too many times results in the robot’s destruction. Powering up the robots unlocks new resources for scientists to invest in, allowing you to slowly save the Earth through the production of clean energy. Originally set for 2017, Impossible Bottles will now release for Android and iOS at a future date, which has yet to be announced.

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

Developed by wife-and-husband team Sarah and Colin Northway, I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is a narrative-focused life sim with deck building-focused combat. You start the game as an adolescent living in a colony on another planet and then decide how you want to live your life. Study hard? Go out and fight monsters? Spend all day flirting? It’s up to you, but your choices will have consequences. With 10 dateable characters, 25 different jobs to pursue, 200 battle cards to earn, 1,000 story events to experience, and 50 endings to unlock, you’ll need more than one lifetime to see it all. I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is scheduled to launch for PC in 2021.

Jack Move

In Jack Move, you play as Noa Solares, a sassy vigilante hacker trying to save her father. Set in a cyberpunk-inspired world, Jack Move’s battles take place in a cyberware-like space, so having good tech is the key to victory. Upgrading the hardware of your Cyber Deck allows you to upload more powerful software. And you can upload different software during battle to change the attacks and defensive moves that Noa has access to in the virtual world. It looks to be a fairly technical and intricate system that allows for a great deal of customization, and the battles themselves are really cool because every move has a stylish animation. Jack Move is set to launch for PC in 2021.

Jennifer Wilde: Unlikely Revolutionaries

In Jennifer Wilde: Unlikely Revolutionaries, you play as French artist Jennifer Chevalier, who’s convinced her father’s death is no accident. Hoping to get answers, she tries to summon his ghost…only to accidentally summon the man that her father had a secret affair with years ago: Irish playwright Oscar Wilde. The two decide to solve the mystery surrounding Jennifer’s father’s death together, speaking to both the living and the dead in an investigation that takes them across France, Ireland, and England. Jennifer Wilde: Unlikely Revolutionaries is set to release for PC in 2021.

Jupiter Moons: Mecha

Jupiter Moons: Mecha is a narrative-driven roguelike where you pilot your own custom mecha and battle in deckbuilding-focused combat. Adding new weapons and support items to your mecha translates into new cards in your deck, creating tense battles where the outcome is decided by both your skill and a little luck. In Jupiter Moons: Mecha, you play as a freelance bounty hunter/mecha pilot who’s tasked with discovering the source of a mysterious infection that’s corrupting machines–including mecha–and making them act against humans as if they have a will of their own. Jupiter Moons: Mecha is scheduled to launch for PC in 2021.


Designed by Malaysian studio Persona Theory, Kabaret takes inspiration from Southeast Asian folklore for its story, characters, and gameplay. This visual novel sees you play as Jebat, who’s transformed into a monster and told that he has 30 nights to break the curse before it becomes permanent. Like most visual novels, you’ll spend a lot of time talking to other characters, but in Kabaret, you complete conversations by finishing your tea, flipping your cup, and doing a tea leaf reading. You’ll be brewing your own tea and doing a bit of self-reflecting in Kabaret as well, deciding by the end of the game whether you want to become human again or remain a monster. Kabaret is scheduled to release for PC in 2021.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

An action-adventure game, Kena: Bridge of Spirits sees you play as the titular Kena, a spirit guide responsible for helping those who have died move on to the spirit world. You’re aided in your endeavor by the Rot, cute black creatures that can assist you in both battle and exploration. You’re not helpless on your own though–Kena can use her staff for both offense and defense, as well as an assortment of magical abilities. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is scheduled to release for PS4, PS5, and PC in Q1 2021.

Kinder World

Kinder World is a game all about self-healing through the act of raising houseplants and practicing kindness. So yeah, like the perfect thing to look forward to after 2020. You grow your plants through the completion of quick activities like expressing gratitude and completing breathing exercises, and each one grows procedurally. Plants can grow rare variegations as well, and developer Lumi Interactive–a Melbourne studio–promises that additional houseplants will be added post-launch. Kinder World is scheduled to release for Android and iOS in 2021.

Last Stop

In Last Stop, you play as three different characters, whose stories all connect in a mysterious way. John is jealous of his bachelor neighbor’s lifestyle, waking up one day to find they’ve both switched bodies. Meena is a ruthless business woman who stumbles upon a mystery hidden in the company she works for. And Donna bites off more than she can chew when she and her friends investigate a man who appears to be kidnapping women. This supernatural adventure game is also fully voice acted and features an original soundtrack by BAFTA award-winning composer Lyndon Holland. Last Stop is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2021.

Little Nightmares II

In Little Nightmares II, you play as Mono, a paper bag-wearing boy trying to survive a journey across a land that’s home to monstrously grotesque individuals. Mono is joined by Six, the protagonist of the first Little Nightmares, and together the two must work as a team to solve platforming challenges and puzzles, usually while some creepy monster is trying to shoot, strangle, break, or eat them. Little Nightmares II is set to launch for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC on February 11, and for Xbox Series X|S and PS5 later in 2021.

Love Shore

In Love Shore, you play as one of two different protagonists, Sam or Farah. Both Sam and Farah are S.Humans, cyborgs created by a biotech company that has mysteriously disappeared. Sam and Farah each have their own unique story, but their lives intertwine at certain points based on the dialogue options and actions you choose, offering eight different storylines that can result in one of over 25 possible endings. Both Sam and Farah’s stories are defined by the relationships they forge with those around them, both platonic and romantic. Love Shore launches for PC in October 2021.

Martha is Dead

In Martha is Dead, you travel to Tuscany in 1944 in order to receive the body of your dead twin sister. It’s revealed your sister has drowned–murdered for some unforeseen reason–forcing you to confront the internal turmoil of your grief at the same time that you must acknowledge the external turmoil of World War II, which is creeping ever closer to you. A psychological horror adventure game, Martha is Dead will see you trying to uncover what led to your sister’s death while confronting the horror of war. Martha is Dead is planned to launch for Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC in 2021.


An adventure RPG, Nighthawks takes place in a world where vampires are public knowledge. You are one such vampire, now living in a world where humans tolerate your existence. You decide to build a nightclub in one of the few cities where humans and vampires live in relative harmony. How you choose to build your business is up to you. Through your supernatural powers, as well as your more natural skills of intimidation, persuasion, and seduction, you’ll forge and break relationships, shaping the city for better and worse. Nighthawks is scheduled to release for PC in “early 2021.”

Open Roads

In adventure game Open Roads, you play as Tess Devine, who sets out on a road trip with her mother, Opal, after the two happen upon an old journal kept by Tess’ grandmother. The journal mentions old burglaries, a mysterious man who isn’t Opal’s father, and other supposedly long-kept secrets that neither Tess nor Opal knew about. With Tess’ grandmother having passed away, mother and daughter decide to go out and find the answers to their questions. The game features a gorgeous hand-animated art style, interactive dialogue system, and a strong voice cast–including Keri Russell (Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker) and Kaitlyn Dever (Booksmart). Open Roads is scheduled to release for PS4, PS5, and PC in 2021.

The Outlast Trials

Instead of making an add-on for Outlast II (like Whistleblower for the original Outlast), developer Red Barrels is creating a smaller spin-off game that exists within its survival horror video game universe. So The Outlast Trials isn’t Outlast III; it’s instead a prequel to Outlast and Outlast II. The Outlast Trials sees several test subjects being forced into a horrific Cold War experiment–the game features the franchise’s first-person perspective, reliance on night vision tech to see in the dark, and disgusting imagery. However, unlike the first two games, The Outlast Trials is primarily designed as a co-op experience (though you can play it solo). The Outlast Trials is set to release for PC in 2021.

Power to the People

A resource management sim, Power to the People has you oversee a growing city in which you must construct and maintain a power grid to meet the escalating needs of your fellow citizens. Whether you decide to invest in green energy or cut corners to rely on cheaper means in order to meet immediate demand is up to you. Your morals dictate what you think is acceptable when it comes to keeping people’s lights on as your city experiences influxes of population, natural disasters, and other unforeseen obstacles. Power to the People is set to come to PC in 2021.

Princess Farmer

Similar to how Battle Chef Brigade used puzzles to simulate the act of cooking and Murder By Numbers did the same but for a detective’s deductive reasoning, Princess Farmer looks to offer a twist on match-three puzzles to create the sensation of gardening. A narrative-driven action-platformer, Princess Farmer sees you play as the titular character, who’s been tasked with figuring out the source of the mysterious going-ons in the forest. Between your sleuthing and puzzle-solving, you’ll also talk and build relationships with other characters. Princess Farmer is scheduled to launch for PC in 2021.

Road 96

Taking inspiration from Quentin Tarantino, the Coen brothers, and Bong Joon-ho, Road 96 is a procedurally generated action-adventure game about your mad dash to the border in order to escape the authoritative regime that oversees your home country, Petria. Your story will evolve based on who you choose to hitchhike with, what type of relationships you want to forge, and which roads you try to take, all culminating in your own unique story of trying to escape oppression and find a better life. Road 96 is set to come to PC in 2021.


Scorn is a narrative-driven first-person shooter, putting action-focused gameplay into a nightmarish world of grotesque body-horror–developer Ebb Software takes inspiration from Swiss artist H.R. Giger and the work he did for the Alien franchise. Trapped in a strange, almost alien-looking world, your goal in Scorn is to survive long enough to escape, but you’ll need to embrace aspects of the biomechanical hellscape in order to do so. That means utilizing the living weapons you come across and interacting with the gross environment. Scorn is scheduled to launch for Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2021.


In Season, you leave your secluded community in order to set out on a solitary journey of self-discovery. You’re tasked with collecting the memories of the world before they’re destroyed by a mysterious cataclysm, but you’re given the agency in how you want to ensure their survival, whether that’s writing down what you find, taking pictures, drawing, or capturing an audio recording. Though you travel on your own, your journey will see you meet other characters as well. The game looks to be a deeply atmospheric experience, one where you can just get lost in its beautiful-looking world. Season is set to launch for PS5 and PC “soon.”

She Dreams Elsewhere

As Thalia, a woman with severe anxiety who’s stuck in a coma, you adventure through a dream-like world in She Dreams Elsewhere, an adventure RPG where your goal is to find a way to wake up. To wake up, you’ll need to do two things: figure out how you ended up in a coma and both confront and defeat the nightmares plaguing you. The surreal world is what first drew our attention to She Dreams Elsewhere, but the game seems to feature an engaging gameplay loop to match its striking art style–the game features turn-based combat, character customization that allows for different playstyles, and a wealth of characters to talk to and connect with via dialogue choices. She Dreams Elsewhere is set to release for PC in 2021.

Solace State

In Solace State, a visual novel, you play as Chloe Lee, a 22-year-old programmer living in a cyberpunk-inspired society where everyone’s information is one hack away. After your best friend and mentor, Rebecka, goes missing, you take it upon yourself to find her, hacking into the city’s systems in order to gather the necessary information for influencing your friends, fellow citizens, and enemies. The game features a dynamic trip-hop and K-pop-inspired soundtrack, which sounds pretty good in the trailers. Solace State is scheduled to launch on PC in 2021.

Solar Ash

Solar Ash is the sophomore effort of developer Heart Machine, the studio behind Hyper Light Drifter. Like Hyper Light Drifter, Solar Ash places you in control of a mysterious individual and then puts you through a gauntlet of fast combat. Movement seems to be the main draw of the game though, as you’re seemingly able to just slide throughout the beautifully stylized environment. The score adds to the experience, creating a game that looks to be as striking to listen to as it is to look at. Solar Ash is set to launch for PS4, PS5, and PC in 2021.

Song of Iron

Song of Iron looks hard–but in the intense, invigorating way that inspires you to want to take on its challenge. In this 2D action-adventure game, you’re a warrior trying to find salvation for your people. To do so, you’ll have to make your way through legions of enemies, adapting on the fly, as your weapon can dull, your quiver can run dry, and your shield can break. And you really have to dodge attacks to avoid death because after a hit or two, you’re done. Song of Iron is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in “mid-2021.”


In Stray, you play as a cat–and not like an anthropomorphic cat, but just an average, everyday kitty. You live in a futuristic Kowloon Walled City and are given the agency to explore its dark alleyways, scamper beneath parked vehicles, and incessantly meow at anyone nearby until you’re given the attention you deserve. In trailers and screenshots, we’ve seen that you wear a little backpack in Stray as well, so maybe you’ll be collecting small items hidden around the city. Stray is currently set to launch for PS4 and PS5 in 2021, with a PC release to follow.


With a world, character, and story inspired by New Caledonia–the home of developer Awaceb’s co-founders–Tchia has you play as a young girl who can possess animals and inanimate objects. For example, you can possess a tire to quickly roll along the ground. Featuring fully animated cutscenes, an original orchestral score, and voice acting in the traditional languages of New Caledonia, Tchia looks to be as much a celebration of the island’s culture as it is a fun-looking action adventure game. Tchia will release for PC and Stadia–its launch date is TBA.


A narrative-driven adventure game with nonlinear progression, Teacup is all about brewing tea. You play as the titular Teacup, an introverted frog who has mustered the courage to host a tea party, only to realize the day before that she lacks the necessary ingredients. With no other choice, you must venture out into the woods and find the herbs to restock your pantry, reaching out to your neighbors for help. This game looks very cute and wholesome. Teacup is set to release for PC; its launch date is TBA.


Tunche is a beat-’em-up with roguelike inspirations in its gameplay loop that supports up to four-player co-op and includes five playable characters, one of which is A Hat in Time’s Hat Kid. Each character has their own unique moveset and skills, encouraging you to work together with friends in order to pull off powerful combos and defeat the game’s vast pool of enemies and challenging multi-phase bosses. The game features charming hand-drawn visuals, which presents the Amazon rainforest setting with a colorful style. Tunche is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC in Spring 2021.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown forces you to use audio cues to discern enemy tells in combat, find vendors in a crowded marketplace, and figure out whether an NPC can be trusted. You can’t see because you’re playing as a blind woman, a princess lost in a foreign kingdom who’s trying to find her way home. The Vale: Shadow of the Crown truly feels like the first of its kind–developer Falling Squirrel worked with the blind community to design a fully functioning RPG that is played entirely through 3D audio and haptic controller feedback. The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is set to release for Xbox One and PC–its launch date is TBA.


In Venba, you play as an Indian mom who immigrates to Canada with her family in the 1980s. As you face the daily struggles of immigration, you maintain a connection to India via cooking. A narrative-driven cooking simulator, Venba tasks you with cooking Indian cuisine by following authentic recipes. Between meals, you’ll speak to your family and new neighbors–your dialogue choices guide the narrative, which is brought to life with colorful animations and an original soundtrack that’s inspired by Indian musicals. Venba is coming to PC in November 2021.

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