GameStop’s PS5 restock sells out, but there’s some very good news


The GameStop PS5 restock on Thursday completely sold out, and even though that may disappoint you, there’s some good news attached to it for potential buyers.

Tip: bots and resellers avoid PS5 bundles

We saw the PS5 in stock at GameStop for at least 15 minutes. That means if you saw this update on your computer or your phone, you too could have owned the Sony console. GameStop listed the delivery date as Friday, January 29, so it’d make it to you this month. We know a few lucky people got one via this page.

There’s better news – but first, check the latest PS5 inventory here:

What lasted longest was the $729.99 PS5 bundle, which included the console, two of games (Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls), two PS5 DualSense controllers and a $20 GameStop gift card. All are at their normal MSRP. 

And that may be your key to getting a PS5 this month. 

You see, bots and resellers avoid PS5 bundles because it’s hard to resell games and accessories for profit when they’re readily in stock for their normal MSRP. It’s only the console that’s incredibly scarce at this point. These extras eat into their profits. Even some desperate PS5 hunters decry PS5 bundles on Twitter.

Gamers who are desperate to unbox that PS5 and play some games, on the other hand, probably don’t mind owning two of the best PS5 games, an extra controller and a $20 gift card toward another game (put it toward Ghost of Tsushima for PS4 and it gets a meaningful 60fps upgrade on PS5 for free).

So don’t lose hope on the PS5 and don’t hate on bundles. They may be your best hope to buying a PS5 in early 2021 as inventory continues to be spotty.


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