At CES 2021, Among Us team teases ‘secrets in the works’ for this year


What’s coming to Among Us in 2021? 


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Among Us swept through 2020 with utter disregard for all the bad stuff happening in the world. The online multiplayer game, about deceit, deduction and treachery, was everywhere last year, with its popularity skyrocketing even before US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streamed the game on Twitch in October. 

The game was originally released in 2018, and its success last year truly astonished the development team at Innersloth.

“There is really no English word to make people comprehend how surprising and amazing it was,” said Victoria Tran, community director at developer Innersloth, speaking during a CNET CES 2021 panel on Wednesday. The discussion, titled “COVID made us all gamers: What happens next?”, explored how the games industry can build on some of the growth it saw during the pandemic, when we were all shut inside our homes.

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Tran also discussed how Among Us will attempt to retain the huge influx of users who played the game in 2020. “We’re going to be doing the typical things that games do,” Tran said. “The new map — we’re working on that right now — there’ll be new tasks … we’re hoping to build a friend system so you can create that social network within the community.”

Speaking on building that community of non-core gamers, Tran also dropped hints of what’s to come in 2021.

“We have some secrets in the works that I, unfortunately, cannot talk about,” Tran noted.

You can watch the full panel discussion below.

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COVID made us all gamers. What happens next?



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