Hector is a virtual modular synth you can put in your real modular synth


Poly Effects has made quite a splash over the last couple of years with the Digit and Beebo — two highly modular guitar pedals that covered everything from amp simulation to drum synthesis. Oh, also, the two pedals were completely interchangeable — you could run Digit’s firmware on the Beebo, and vice versa. Obviously, the logical next step would be to bring that small scale modularity to the large scale modular world of Eurorack, similar to what Empress did with the ZOIA and Euroburo.

Hector is essentially a Digit / Beebo, but in a 30 HP Eurorack module. It has all the same effects modules, including the excellent convolution reverbs, ports of Mutable Instruments modules and a ton of modulation sources. That means Hector could be used to strictly as an effects unit for your modular synth, it could provide CV for controlling other modules, be a sound source or be all of those things at once — a mini modular inside your larger system.


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