FAUG: Five things we want to see in the next update


FAUG has created a lot of waves since it was announced back in September last year. The banning of PUBG Mobile in India was the biggest push that the game developers wanted to capitalize on. And with the association of Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar, FAUG kept the expectations up. 

But with the launch of the game yesterday, we realize that it is underwhelming at best. We explored that in detail in our review of FAUG. But we are of the opinion that the game has a skeleton structure in place and has the room to improve and become more engaging. With that in mind here are five things that we think the developers should add with the next major update. 

Improved visuals

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The first thing one notices and speaks about a game are its visuals. And this is one aspect that FAUG devs at nCore Games need to work on a lot. We could hardly find much difference in the lowest and the highest graphics settings. 

Besides this the shadows in the game are missing which give the impression that the characters are floating above ground. The rag doll mechanics of the game are all over the place and sometimes you can punch enemies through walls. But a general overhaul of the visuals is much needed.

Better controls

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Another aspect that needs addition are the controls. Currently, players can mash the attack button for melee attacks, block enemy attacks and move. These are way too basic to be exciting for players. Currently the options are limited to either attacking or moving, the devs need to combine these or provide others options of sorts.

There needs to be more things that players need to be able to do, like dodge, roll, interact with word items and things, for this game to become more dynamic. Even something as simple as the ability to drop one of the weapons you’re carrying needs to be added. 

More game modes

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This brings us into one of the core needs of FAUG. The game currently lacks content in a major way. The extremely lean campaign mode is all there is to play. Hence nCore Games need to push out the 5v5 deathmatch and Free for All modes as soon as they can.

Besides this there is a need to introduce a battle royale mode if FAUG wants to survive more than a few weeks. It literally needs to grab hold of the space created by PUBG Mobile leaving India. 


(Image credit: Bodhisatwa Ray)

While nCore Games mentioned that this will be a melee only game to start with, it really needs to hurry up with bringing more weapons to the game. And by weapons I mean, guns, because there’s only so much you would want to play with melee weapons. 

There is a hint that guns will be introduced in the game in the form of an icon in the play tab, and we feel introducing that in the next update is rather crucial.

Better AI enemies

(Image credit: Bodhisatwa Ray)

Let’s be honest, the current enemies that we face in FAUG are dumb. They maybe many in number, but they line up for their turn to be beaten up by the player. And currently nCore seems to want to create a sense of difficulty by having the player take on a huge number of enemies at the same time. 

Somehow, there is an element of Bollywood action choreography that the dev team needs to exit fast. Remember those fight scenes where the protagonist waits for the next person to attack and the antagonists queue up for it? 

This needs to be bettered and enemies need to be made smarter. That should be accompanied by new mechanics apart from just confronting all enemies and taking them on in a fight. Things like stealth and environment hazards would make the game more interesting. 

To sum things up the attention around FAUG is still very much there, and so is the nationalistic fervor. Hence with as many people interested it has the potential to become rather successful if improvements are introduced quickly.

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