PS5 restock update: don’t expect it today – here’s when to look next


We tracking the PS5 restock updates in real-time, and while we don’t expect to see the console in stock on Monday, there is good news: we have a better idea of when the PS5 will be available to buy next, if history repeats itself.

PS5 on sale hasn’t consistently been rare on Mondays – and today is a holiday in the US: Presidents’ Day. There’s a better chance that the next PS5 restock date at Sony Direct will stick to a consistent Tuesday through Friday schedule, so check tomorrow.

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There hasn’t been a PS5 restock today in the US. But check back with me+@techradar Tuesday👈, as Sony has launched new inventory Tuesday to Friday. We’re constantly looking for you.👀 15, 2021

Last week, we saw PS5 become available through Sony Direct four times starting on Tuesday. That’s been the steady pattern, and we don’t expect it to break, as Sony tries its best to resupply its own official Sony Direct store as well as retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Target and others.

PS5 restocks at Sony Direct: consistent but not guaranteed

The best advice we have is to check every major store below for those random PS5 restocks, especially Sony Direct every Tuesday through Friday. We’ve seen restock times anywhere from 9am EST to 7pm EST.

However, that doesn’t guarantee Sony Direct will have PS5 in stock every week. In January, we saw Sony Direct stay silent for entire weeks coming back from the New Years holiday. In February, though, things appear to be back on track.

GameStop and Walmart has done a few PS5 restocks in 2021, often announcing it an hour or two beforehand. Note that GameStop pushes PS5 bundles, so you’ll need to buy an extra controller, two games and a gift card (or something of that nature) at a higher price than the usual $499 for the PS5 Disc version or $399 for PS5 Digital. You could be spending as much as $750 after state sales tax.

But GameStop remains a worthy source of the PS5 simply because resellers aren’t able to profit as much off of bundles. It’s difficult to resell the system at an inflated price when you also have to include extras like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and NBA 2K21 at full price, too. So you often have much more time to check out there.

As always, we’ll be continuing to alert you of the next restock when it happens in the US. The PS5 restock time is always a mystery, but the Tuesday through Friday time frame does narrow down the inventory drops just a little bit for you.


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