PUBG New State announced for Android and iOS; Currently in pre-registration


There were rumors that we could have a new PUBG Mobile game as early as next week, but it seems like those became true already. Krafton has announced a new game called PUBG New State which is currently available for pre-registration on Android and iOS.

The trailer of the game has been released and shows off the refreshed visuals of the game which has been set in 2051. 

Currently, there is no timeframe in terms of release date of the game. 

PUBG New State: Details

The trailer of PUBG New State shows off an intense battle royale scene where players skydive from an airplane onto a place called Troi in the year 2051. We can see drones flying overhead along with automated vehicles on the road in a city suburb. 

Onto a scene where a firefight is taking place with one person using what seems to be a futuristic version of the Vector SMG. He is using a mix between a Holosight and a red dot that seems to be digital and not made from glass. 

The weapon sounds are curiously the same as the current generation of PUBG games and some of these even look similar. The bike seems to have been revamped visually as well as in terms of sound, and so have the other vehicles. The map has a lot of new elements which are very different from the current version. 

It seems like players can call for loot boxes using drones and there are even shields similar to what we have seen in Call of Duty: Mobile. One of the new places on the map seems to be named ‘The Mall’.

The frag grenade also has a visual overhaul. And we get a look a what seems to be a reworked Red Zone where players will be able to see the bombs dropping. But the one weapon that remains the same is the pan which can be seen in action at the end of the trailer. 

But with the ban on PUBG Mobile in India which was put in place in September 2020, it seems like Krafton has issues to deal with the release. But considering that this game is not made in China it should have no issues releasing in India. But according to this report from IGN India, Krafton does not seem to have plans for India release on PUBG New State. There’s a website of the game up as well.


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