Xbox Live is down – again. Here’s what you can’t access


After a huge crash two weeks ago, Microsoft says users are reporting issues with game streaming and purchases on Xbox Live.

Microsoft’s support account acknowledged the problems in a tweet (embedded below) and says that it’s working on a resolution to the problem.

Our teams are aware that some users may experience difficulties with Game Streaming and Purchases at the moment. Know that our teams are working to get things resolved as we Tweet. We’ll be sure to post updates here as they become available.March 15, 2021

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So which parts, exactly, can’t you access? Well, so far it looks like some users can’t access Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Party Chat, while others are having problems making purchases from the Xbox Marketplace.

That first bit is a bit disappointing considering Microsoft just added Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to Xbox Game Pass late last week, while the inability to talk to friends over Xbox Live will make battle royale shooters like Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty: Warzone much harder to play.

According to Microsoft’s Xbox Live status tracker the vast majority of the service is functioning normally, but it does denote an issue with redeeming codes – which ties into the problems with the Xbox store that other users are having.

Outages are putting a pause on fun and games

Xbox Live isn’t the only Microsoft service experiencing some issues this afternoon – Microsoft Teams is also down as are Office 365 and Azure.

Microsoft claimed that the outage was due to an issue concerning, “a recent change to an authentication system” and has said that a fix is already going into place but has taken longer than expected.

From the sounds of things the service won’t be down much longer, but it could mean an afternoon off from games and work if Microsoft can’t get its systems back online.


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