Apex Legends Is Getting A Comic That Will Affect In-Game Dialogue


Dark Horse is publishing an Apex Legends comic. According to Respawn, not only will the series be canon, it will affect Apex Legends’ in-game dialogue too.

In a tweet, Apex Legends lead writer Tom Casiello says that the upcoming comic will be canon, is scripted by Jesse Stern (lead writer of Titanfall and Titanfall 2), will affect in-game dialogue, and will detail events that will have ramifications on the individual stories of Apex Legends’ characters.

The comic is called Apex Legends: Overtime and tells a story about how all 16 of Apex Legends’ playable characters come together for a common goal, according to IGN. The legends band together to save a city from mad scientists, brutal assassins, and the Syndicate–the latter of which is the group responsible for controlling the Apex Games.

It’s an interesting set-up, especially since the roster of legends does contain a mad scientist, a brutal assassin, and Syndicate loyalists among their ranks. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a betrayal or two. Another intriguing note: this comic seems geared towards making some of the legends into superhero-like figures to the general public, not just celebrity contestants in a dangerous battle royale.

Overtime is composed of four issues, each drawn by Assassin’s Creed’s Neil Edwards, inked by Stranger Things’ Keith Champagne, colored by Skyward’s Antonio Fabela, and lettered by The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’ Nate Piekos.

This isn’t the first time that one of Apex Legends’ stories has been told outside of the game itself. Ahead of Season 4, the Apex Legends Twitter account adopted the guise of a news anchor that detailed the introduction of Revenant as a series of breaking news stories. Prior to the start of Season 8, the Pathfinder’s Quest book revealed fascinating insights into all of the characters, including how many of the legends are connected to one another.

Apex Legends recently released for Switch, but that’s not the best place to play the game. In GameSpot’s Apex Legends Switch review, I wrote, “I did have moments of fun playing Apex Legends on Switch. Panic Button has managed to take a game that I love and make it work just well enough on Nintendo’s hybrid console. I don’t want to keep playing it on Switch with its many technical concessions (nor do I want new players to be introduced to Apex Legends this way), but this port is–in its current state–a decent last resort. If your only way to play Apex Legends is on Switch, then you now have that option. Just know that you’re signing up for something less than ideal.”

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