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Everybody loves PlayStation five.
It’s a fantastic console still sold out all over the place, but it’s not perfect.
I’ve talked to gamers and these are the top five things PS five still gets wrong.
Number one is expandable storage or the lack thereof.
When you set up your PS5, you end up with about 700 gigs of free space to install games.
And that sounds like a lot and it is, but a lot of modern games are 40 gigs, 50, 60 gigs, some are 80, a few even top 100.
So you’re really not gonna have room to store a ton of games on a PS5 and you’re gonna end up sooner or later probably sooner, Deleting games to make room for new games and then when you wanna go back you have to redownload the game.
And of course, nobody wants to be using up that much bandwidth or waiting hours for a game to install.
But why wouldn’t you just plug an external hard drive into one of the handy ports on the back of the machine, you can do that.
But you can only store and play ps4 games and they’re not PS5 games.
Interestingly enough, there is a slot inside the PS5 that you can get to actually pretty easily.
It’s an M.2 slots, you can put one of those special hard drives into that slot.
But the slots not turned on yet.
Hopefully this summer we hear it will be turned on and they’ll either be an official Sony version of an expandable hard drive or maybe you’ll be able to buy third party and not to drive.
And stick them in there.
Another big PS5 issue we keep hearing about is controller drift.
Now what is that that’s when you hold up your game controller without touching the analog sticks, but the pointer on the screen where the cursor moves by itself That is because something has gone wrong with the control stick.
Almost every controller uses the same base components in there to spraying as a potential geometer.
They’re all pretty much off the shelf parts Very similar to what you find in arcade sticks, and frankly they were out after a while.
Nintendo had a big problem with droid cons with controller drift and they ended up having to replace a bunch of those.
The guys that I fixed it who do all those great tear downs, they figured out that the parts used in the dual sense controller on the PlayStation 5 Should last from between 200 something hours and 400 something hours of use.
But if you’re a heavy duty gamer playing free stick intensive games, you might actually hit that fairly soon.
And of course people are having some drift issues even before that.
But I’d note that I have not had controller drift problems with my dual sense controllers and I think the new controller is frankly the most impressive part of the new PS five design.
And also, everyone on every platform with every kind of gamepad does complain about that problem.
You want to know what another really big problem with the PS 5 is.
It’s still almost impossible to buy one, five plus months into the PS 5 era every time there’s a restock at a store Everyone goes online at the same time, the website slows down or crashes or you can’t get one into your cart even if you click Buy in the second.
Now, partially that’s because these shop bots keep buying up the very limited supply, and then trying to resell them at inflated prices.
And of course there’s also a component shortage that is making it difficult to get enough console’s onto store shelves or onto store websites for everybody to buy.
And nobody thinks that problem is going to be solved until it Least the summer of 2021.
Even President Biden has gotten in on the act, signing executive order to investigate supply chain issues with things like semiconductors, which is at least partially responsible for this ongoing shortage.
Another thing that drives people a little crazy about the PlayStation five, it’s huge.
It’s the size of a small Winnebago.
I can barely fit it onto the screen with me it’s about 15 plus inches high, 10 inches wide, four inches deep, and it’s just not going to fit into most standard living room Media Console hardware.
If you want to put it down on its side it still takes up a lot of space, almost like a vintage you know, early days.
DVD player.
You have to hook up this awkward stand to the bottom of it at the same time.
Ironically, the Xbox series x, there’s not actually that much smaller.
They’re both about 440 cubic inches, but the Xbox has a much more compact rectangular shape and it just fits in more spaces.
My final issue with the Playstation 5 is not something that it has or doesn’t have, but something the other guys has.
And that is Xbox Game Pass which everyone has decided is frankly a really fantastic value Whether it’s $10 a month for the console or the PC version, or $15 a month for the combined console and PC version, plus the Xbox gold plus EA Play.
It’s a really huge catalogue of games and some of them are cross compatible between PC and Xbox.
And they even have access to cloud gaming.
If you that x cloud project Microsoft is working on that works on some devices and is coming to a lot more once they get a browser based version of it going.
Now PlayStation of course has PlayStation Plus which is similarly priced and gives you a couple of really interesting games every month and actually has a nice back catalogue of games.
Called the PlayStation Plus collection, and that has gone of war and a few other really good games in it, but it’s nowhere near the 300 game library that game pass has.
Sony also has a cloud gaming service.
It’s called PlayStation now, but it’s an entirely separate subscription.
And people don’t really talk about it all.
All that much.
I’ll admit it took me a while to even come up with five decent things that the PlayStation five still needs to work on.
That’s probably a good sign for this console long-term life cycle.
And between this and the new Xbox series X,this is definitely the least buggy console lodge.
I have covered going all the way back to the Sega Dreamcast.


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