These truly wireless over-ear headphones combine unique design and functionality


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Headphones come in a lot of styles, but there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all approach. While earbuds are no doubt the most convenient, they can never match the sound quality or battery life of a set of over-ear cans. And neither function as a substitute for proper Bluetooth speakers, assuming you want to share music with other people around sometimes.

Enter Human Headphones, which delivers one device that functions as all three. It’s available now for $229 when you use coupon code LISTEN40 to get $40 off at checkout. The headphones are comprised of two pieces, like most portable earbuds, but they’re built with an over-ear design for both better audio quality and more effective adaptive sound. The built-in microphone reproduces incredible audio with two beamforming mics, while the battery keeps it running for up to nine hours without a charge.

Perhaps the most innovative design choice is how the two pieces snap together to become a portable Bluetooth speaker with a connectivity range of up to 100 feet. Not only can you enjoy your music on your way to the party, you can actually be the party once you show up.

Human Headphones also have a built-in language translator, providing on-the-fly translation for 10 different languages including Arabic, Chinese, Italian and Russian. You don’t need to connect them to your phone or install an additional app for translations, either.

If you’re worried that these designs take away from the sound, that’s not what the reviews say: Gear Patrol says that they “sound better than pretty much any pair of wireless earbuds,” while Roy Kim at Medium states they “simply sound excellent.”

If you’re interested in a unique pair of headphones that can adapt to any environment, you may want to give the Human Headphones a listen. This 3-in-1 solution normally costs $269, but you can purchase it for $229 after you take $40 off with offer code LISTEN40.

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