Valheim: List of console commands and cheats


Valheim, a survival game developed by Iron Gate and published by Coffee Stain Studios, hasn’t been out long and is already incredibly popular. This Viking spin on the survival-crafting genre is fun to play with friends in a squad, but if you’re by yourself, you can use a console command or seven to speed things up. Here’s the full list of Valheim console commands and cheats.

Valheim Admin commandsban [name/ip/userID] – Ban a player from server.banned – List the banned players for the server.kick [name/ip/userID] – Kick a player from server.lodbias [0 – 5] – Set the draw distance for serversave – Save the world stateunban [name/ip/userID] – Unban a player from server.Valheim Cheat commandsbeard – Permanently removes your bearddpsdebug – Toggles dps debug print on and offenv [env] – Enables debug environmentexploremap – Reveals the entire mapevent [name-here] – Starts the event named in bracketsffsmooth 1 – Adds smooth movements to free cameraffsmooth 0 – Resets smooth movements to normalfreefly – Activates the free cameragenloc – Regenerate all locationsghost – Toggles Ghost Mode on or offgod – Enables god modegoto [x] [y] [z] – Teleports player to the given coordinateshair – Permanently removes your hairheal – Full heals youkillall – Kills all enemies that are nearbylistkeys – Lists all global keyslocation – Sets spawn locationmodel [0 – 1] – Switches character model from masculine to feminineplayers [number] – Adjusts difficulty, enter 0 to reset difficultypos – Shows player coordinatespuke – Resets fullness/hunger, restoring Health/Staminaraiseskill [skill] [amount] – Raises the named skill by the value enteredrandomevent – Starts a random eventremovedrops – Removes all items dropped in the arearesetcharacter – Resets all of your character dataresetenv – Resets the debug environmentresetkeys [name] – Resets the key entered in bracketsresetmap – Hides entire mapresetskill [skill] – Sets specified skill level to 0resetwind – Resets the wind angle and intensitysetkey [name] – Sets new global keyskiptime [seconds] – Skips forward specified time durationsleep – Skips forward one dayspawn [ItemName] [Amount] [Level] – Spawns item entered in bracketsstopevent – Stops the current eventtame – Tames all nearby Creaturestod [0 – 1] – Sets time of day, enter -1 to reset time of day, 0.5 to set to noonwind [angle] [intensity] – Adjusts the direction and intensity of the windValheim Player commandshelp – List all commandsinfo – Print system infoping – Show current server ping

Valheim is continuing to grow, with well over five million units sold so far. If you’re having trouble getting started, consider consulting the beginner’s tips and tricks to better understand this open-world Nordic adventure.


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