WWE 2K22 Announced During Wrestlemania 37 With First Game Footage


During Wrestlemania 37, the very first video was released for WWE 2K22. After the franchise took last year off, a new entry is coming sometime later in the year, and 2K Games plans on delivering more early-concept footage prior to launch.

The short, 22-second clip features Rey Mysterio taking on Cesaro in the Raw arena, along with some hero shots of Mysterio, who is bound to be a future Hall of Famer. The footage is very polished and features some highly-detailed character models. Check out the video for yourself below.

In a briefing with press, a 2K representative told us that we’ll be seeing a lot more behind-the-scenes footage of progress working on the game, along with character models, motion capture, audio samples, and more in the months leading up to the game. This reveal comes much earlier in the year compared to when 2K typically begins to show off its annual WWE 2K wrestling game.

2K Games skipped out on releasing a WWE simulation game in 20201–although it did release the arcade-style 2K Battlegrounds. The last game released in the simulation series was the infamous WWE 2K20, which was exceptionally buggy at start. Patches followed in the upcoming months, in which the game saw many of the glitches disappear, but 2K Games took 2020 off.

At this time, no other info about the upcoming game has been released, and all we know is Cesaro and Mysterio are in the game. For more in-depth talk about the video, the upcoming game, and a Peacock press event, check out this brand-new episode of Wrestle Buddies, GameSpot’s wrestling podcast, below. Also, make sure to come back to GameSpot on April 11 for coverage of Night 2 of WrestleMania.


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