Get Control: Ultimate Edition For $25 With Free Next-Gen Upgrade


Control was a surprise-hit game with a whole lot of style, and the Ultimate Edition version with cross-buy support is currently on sale at GameStop for a great price. It’s GameStop’s daily deal, so you don’t want to wait to snag it and see why Remedy Entertainment’s bizarre paranormal action game got so much attention.

Usually $40, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Control: Ultimate Edition are both $25 right now at GameStop. These versions are the only ones to support a free next-gen upgrade on PS5 and Xbox Series X, with the standard copies only giving you the game on the disc. Alongside the main Control game, it also includes two expansions that delve further into the universe and suggest a connection with another famous Remedy franchise. If you have played the Xbox One and PC game Quantum Break, you should find Control’s gameplay loop pretty familiar. Its story, however, is where things get really weird.

The PS5 version of Control: Ultimate Edition is also available on GameStop’s site, and it’s not discounted. Do not buy this version, as in addition to costing more, it isn’t playable on PS4 at all. The same goes for the Xbox Series X version, which has a very similar box to the Xbox One version but does not support cross-buy.

Control: Ultimate Edition was also given away as a free PlayStation Plus game in February, so if you were subscribed to the service and claimed it, you already have the game in your library. For Xbox players, however, this is a particularly good chance to get the upgraded game, as you’ll get better performance on the newer system. Control sometimes encountered technical issues on the older consoles, including the PS4 Pro, with frame rate drops during big action sequences.

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