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Quarantine restrictions have kept us cooped up at home for over a year, so there’s no shame in admitting your putting skills aren’t up to par anymore. Fortunately, golfing courses are slowly reopening their doors, so you might want to get some practice in before taking to the green with your golf buddies.

The Exputt: Real-Time Putting Simulator provides a realistic golfing experience to keep your skills sharp in the meantime. This kit easily hooks up to your TV and is on sale now for $360 when you use coupon code EXPUTT10 for an additional 10 percent off.

Exputt offers players a variety of factors they can analyze to control their putting experience. You can practice distance control by varying the range you play at, and you can alter the simulated environment to more closely match your desired terrain or as a digital approximation of a favorite course. Various greens and slopes are designed to feel like the real deal, and you can even change the season in which you are playing.

Throughout, the simulator lets you analyze information that would be difficult to glean at a physical course. Exputt measures your ball’s speed in real time, as well as the direction the putter sends it upon impact. Additionally, you can inspect open or closed club face angles to improve your accuracy in both digital and physical play. Exputt also lets you evaluate your putting path to improve your consistency.

With this kit, you’ll receive a mat and satchel, a camera, appropriate wiring and stickers to label your equipment. Setting up the putting simulator is easy — simply connect the camera to your TV, arrange the mat, then use your putter like a mouse on the mat or use the remote control for more features.

Exputt is well received by users, earning 4.8 out of five stars from fans on Rain or Shine Golf. One customer says: “It really helps long putt from 30-50 feet which I don’t have usually have chance to practice on the green. Also the easy at home practice improves consistency. I practice more than 200 practice putts a day at different green speeds 7, 9, 11. When on course, after a few holes, I adjust speed accordingly and it is right on.”

Whether you are a golfer looking for more opportunities to practice or a hobbyist just learning the game, Exputt can give you the chance to practice your skills and analyze your performance. Normally $399, you can get the Exputt: Real-Time Putting Simulator now for $360 when you use the code EXPUTT10 at checkout.

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