How Many Pokemon Are In New Pokemon Snap?


New Pokemon Snap features a ton of Pokemon to photograph in their natural habitats. While the full Pokedex isn’t represented in the game, the Switch spin-off boasts a nice selection of Pokemon taken across all eight generations of the series, from old favorites like Caterpie and Pikachu to more recent pocket monsters like Grookey and Scorbunny.

How Many Pokemon Are In New Pokemon Snap?

New Pokemon Snap features 214 Pokemon in total. As previously mentioned, the Pokemon are pulled from across all eight generations of the series’ history, so you’ll find monsters from the original Red and Blue versions all the way to the series’ latest mainline installments, Sword and Shield.

6 Biggest Changes In New Pokémon Snap

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As in the original Nintendo 64 game, many of the Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap can be spotted right out in the open as you travel through the game’s different levels, but you’ll need to get creative with the tools at your disposal to discover some of them. Certain Pokemon will only emerge from their hiding places if you use the scan function or lure them out with apples fluffruit, for instance, so you’ll need to make liberal use of both if you’re hoping to fill out your Photodex.

Research levels also play a part in the Pokemon you encounter. As you raise a course’s research level, new Pokemon will start to appear. Monsters may also vary depending on the time of day, so you’ll need to revisit islands multiple times and increase their research level to discover all the Pokemon there are to find. You can see the full list of Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap below.

001 Vivillon002 Pichu003 Grookey004 Scorbunny005 Bouffalant006 Pidgeot007 Tangrowth008 Emolga009 Wurmple010 Murkrow011 Caterpie012 Heracross 013 Pinsir014 Dodrio015 Ducklett016 Swanna017 Bidoof018 Taillow019 Torterra020 Magikarp021 Hoothoot022 Comfey023 Florges024 Combee025 Vespiquen026 Sylveon027 Shaymin028 Meganium029 Eevee030 Pikachu031 Cutiefly032 Bunnelby033 Scoutland034 Starly035 Meowth036 Audino037 Rattata038 Trubbish039 Sudowoodo040 Dedenne 041 Aipom042 Bounsweet043 Metapod044 Beautifly045 Arbok046 Yanmega047 Pikipek048 Toucannon049 Ariados 050 Morelull051 Slaking052 Venusaur053 Liepard054 Wooper055 Quagsire056 Swampert057 Ledian058 Sobble059 Leafeon060 Mew061 Trevenant062 Espurr063 Shiftry064 Kecleon065 Deerling066 Sawsbuck067 Unfezant068 Drampa069 Pancham070 Bulbasaur071 Serperior072 Applin073 Bewear074 Gardevoir075 Ninetales076 Lotad077 Espeon078 Celebi079 Milotic080 Wingull081 Exeggutor082 Crabrawler083 Drifblim084 Zangoose085 Seviper086 Bellossom087 Inkay088 Pyukumuku089 Machamp090 Stunfisk091 Octillery092 Corsola093 Finneon094 Clamperl095 Primarina096 Raichu097 Sandygast098 Sharpedo099 Squirtle100 Blastoise101 Lapras102 Mantine103 Pelipper104 Wailord105 Mareanie106 Vaporeon107 Manaphy108 Luvdisc109 Alomomola110 Wailmer111 Cradily112 Lumineon113 Qwilfish114 Clawitzer115 Tentacruel116 Chinchou117 Lanturn118 Starmie119 Frillish120 Golisopod121 Lugia122 Wishiwashi123 Skorupi124 Cacnea125 Sandshrew126 Trapinch127 Flygon128 Kangaskhan129 Mandibuzz130 Minior131 Silicobra132 Torchic133 Heliolisk134 Lycanroc135 Hippowdon136 Tyranitar137 Onix138 Altaria139 Shinx140 Luxray141 Talonflame142 Monferno143 Aerodactyl144 Tyrantrum145 Graveler146 Archeops147 Slugma148 Torkoal149 Charmander150 Charizard151 Typhlosion152 Flareon153 Ho-Oh154 Volcarona155 Furret156 Cubchoo157 Beartic158 Mightyena159 Weavile160 Braviary161 Swinub162 Mamoswine163 Skarmory164 Sandslash165 Abomasnow166 Vulpix167 Delibird168 Snom169 Frosmoth170 Crabominable171 Snorunt172 Glalie173 Froslass174 Jynx175 Spheal176 Piplup177 Vanilluxe178 Avalugg179 Dewgong180 Aurorus181 Glaceon182 Suicune183 Crobat184 Joltik185 Geodude186 Carbink187 Gengar188 Noibat189 Pumpkaboo190 Croagunk191 Drifloon192 Clefairy193 Sableye194 Rampardos195 Hydreigon197 Mawile198 Jolteon199 Diancie200 Steelix201 Houndoom202 Eldegoss203 Natu204 Absol205 Salandit206 Noivern207 Woobat208 Sigilyph209 Beheeyem210 Golurk211 Chandelure212 Umbreon213 Jirachi214 Xerneas

New Pokemon Snap launched on Nintendo Switch on April 30. Before you dive into the new photography game, be sure to check out the biggest changes in New Pokemon Snap. We’ve also put together a guide on how to find the Seafloor Illumina Pokemon if you find yourself unsure of how to progress.

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