Valve adds a $1 per month stat tracking service to ‘CS:GO’


Since 2018, Valve has offered Dota Plus, a $4 per month Dota 2add-on that includes, among other perks, access to deeper post-game analytics and stats. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now getting something similar. In the patch notes for the game’s latest update, Valve devotes a single line to CS:GO 360 Stats, a new $1 per month subscription service that’ll get you access to match analytics from your competitive, premier and wingman games.

According to an FAQ spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun, players can sign up for the add-on directly within the game, but there’s one significant catch: the game will only record your performance while you have an active subscription. It also won’t keep a tally of your stats in casual and scrimmage game modes. Predictably, some in the CS:GO community aren’t thrilled with the announcement. They point out that websites such as offer free stat tracking, and that many games that are as old as CS:GO let players see how they’ve played in the past without paying anything extra.

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