Save £120 on an Ecovacs robot vacuum: money off the Deebot Ozmo 920


For a limited, time, Amazon UK is offering the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 for £379.98. It’s marked down from £499.98 – a saving of £120 or almost a quarter off the RRP.

We just tested it and think there are some very good reasons to buy.  

If you have a robot vacuum cleaner or have seen one at work, you’ll know the frustration of having to stop what you’re doing and rescue it as it runs aground on a raised threshold or a lamp base. The Ozmo 920 has solid climbing power, meaning that it can deal with trundling over the odd obstacle without getting tangled up.

It has a separate brush head for deep pile carpet and, in our experience, did a great job picking up pet hair, which is a reasonable test of cleaning ability. And, although we don’t think mopping functions on robot vacs are anything like as effective as mopping a floor yourself – yet – the Ozmo 920 does as good a job at mopping as any vac we’ve seen.

As it uses Lidar to scan and map your home, you can set up custom cleaning and exclusion zones on the app. This is really handy because, if there’s a nest of wires in the study, or kids’ toys on the living room floor, you can easily get the vac to avoid those areas and leave it to clean the rest of your home.

The Deebot Ozmo 920 has a raised platform from which its laser scans and this adds a little more height, making it slightly taller than some cleaners. It’s only 10cm high in total but if you are planning to buy this, or any other robot cleaner, our advice would be to measure the space beneath your sofa and other key pieces of furniture to see if it will be able to get under them. 

It’s Alexa- and Google Assistant-compatible, has 110 minutes of battery life and is a quiet operator (66dB). To get more detail on it and find out why we gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars, read our review. Or head over to Amazon and get the deal.

This isn’t the only discount on an Ecovacs robot cleaner. For just £149.98, you can pick up the Deebot 502, which is marked down from £229.98. The 502 is a simpler model than the Ozmo 920 but it shares a number of the same features. It’s app controlled and Alexa- and Google Assistant-compatible and also has a 110-minute battery life. Although you can’t create exclusion zones and custom cleaning areas as it doesn’t use Lidar, you can schedule cleaning times.  

To have a look at the robot cleaners we rate most highly, read our round-up of the best robot vacuum cleaners. You can read individual reviews by clicking through from the chart. 


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