Fanatec’s new wheel brings forged carbon to your iRacing rig


Luxurious and functional is a mix that’s hard to resist. 


As more and more of you discover the wonderful world of sim racing, the offerings for home sim rigs just keep getting more exciting. The latest? A special-edition wheel from Fanatec that brings a little bit of Lamborghini home.

Fanatec’s ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2020 is a limited-edition wheel that’s compatible with much of the company’s current line of wheel bases, including the CSL Elite, ClubSport V2 and V2.5, plus the top-shelf Podium DD1 and DD2 units. It’ll work with both the PC and PS4 — assuming you have a PS4-compatible base. (Sorry Xbox One gamers, no love on this one.)

The talking point on the 2020 ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 is definitely the forged carbon construction. The stuff is found in both the 5mm thick front plate, which comprises the core of the wheel, and on the magnetic paddles as well. Out of the box, the paddles are of the ClubSport variety, but buyers can upgrade to the three-paddle Podium Advanced Paddle module to get that sweet, F1-style hand-clutch action.

Forged carbon fiber is a distinctive flavor of the composite structure popularized by Lamborghini, which has made extensive use of the stuff. It was first seen on the uber-exotic Veneno back in 2016, but has since shown up extensively in (slightly) more attainable models such as the Huracan Performante.

Where traditional carbon fiber is made from layers of woven sheets, giving it the distinctive geometric look that motorsports fans love, forged carbon fiber is instead made of resin with fiber segments suspended within. That slurry is then injected into a mold, resulting in a strong material that’s far easier to craft. It also has a distinctive, almost urban camo-like look that is probably more relevant to its application here.

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Grips on the new ClubSport wheel are made of perforated leather, accompanied by a massive range of buttons, multi-selector wheels, an analogue thumb stick and Fanatec’s seven-way “FunkySwitch” as well. 67 functions can be controlled in all, while an integrated OLED display and a series of LEDs make sure you’re shifting when you’re supposed to.

Fanatec has not provided pricing or availability details yet, but just to set your expectations, the current ClubSport Formula wheel costs a cool $370. Look for all the details shortly, when the wheel makes its official debut on Fanatec’s site tomorrow. Until then, make sure you check out our guide to the best wheels for sim racing so you have your preferred base picked out.


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