Pick up a cheap Apple Watch in the latest Amazon Apple sale this weekend


Whether you’re looking for a bargain or the latest, shiniest smartwatch, we’ve found Apple Watch deals worthy of your consideration thanks to the latest Apple sales from Amazon US and UK. 

In the US you can pick up an Apple Watch Series 3 for just $179 (was $199) right now. This is the cheapest we’ve ever seen a new (non-refurbished) Apple Watch deal go for and it’s a perfect opportunity to grab your first Apple Watch for cheap. The Series 3 may be a little bit older, but it’s still a great smartwatch and features all the latest Apple iOS software and apps so you’re still getting all the sleep, activity, and fitness tracking you’d expect from an Apple Watch.

If you did want a brand new shiny Apple Watch though, there’s also this fantastic $100 off discount on a Series 5 for just $329 (was $429) at the moment. These brand new Apple Watches feature a more slimline chassis, an upgraded processor, and a bigger screen, making them slightly slicker overall when compared to the Series 3, although you’re definitely paying more for that extra style.

In the UK? We’ve also found some great Apple Watch deals on sale at Amazon this weekend, including a new Series 3 for just £195 and this new Series 5 for just £419. Whether you’re looking for your first cheap Apple Watch or to upgrade to the newest version, both these deals are good value propositions and definitely worthy of your consideration this weekend.

Apple Watch deals in the US

Apple Watch Series 3 (32mm, GPS) | $199 $179 at AmazonWith this Apple Watch deal from Amazon you’re getting a $20 saving on an already discounted price, making this fantastic value. The Series 3 maybe a little older and bulkier than the new versions, but it’s still running on the latest iOS and still features all the great fitness and sleep tracking apps you’d expect from an Apple Watch.View Deal

Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm, GPS) | $429 $329 at AmazonIf you did want that shiny new Apple Watch then there’s a great $100 discount on the latest GPS series 5 at Amazon as well. A new processor, bigger screen, and slimmer chassis set this one apart from the older models and it’s one slick smartwatch indeed – a perfect companion to any iPhone or MacBook.View Deal

See all the other Apple Watch deals at AmazonApple watch deals in the UK

Apple Watch Series 3 (32mm, GPS) | £279 £195 at AmazonThe Series 3 is beginning to settle in the sub-£200 range in the UK now, making it a great value pickup if you want all those features but don’t want to commit to the hefty price tag on a Series 5. You’re getting all the latest iOS updates here in a slightly bulkier chassis and with a smaller screen but this smartwatch is still a great buy in 2020.View Deal

Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm, GPS) | £429 £419 at AmazonThis £10 saving on an Apple Watch Series 5 at Amazon isn’t a massive discount but considering this is the latest release and super desirable right now, we’ll take any price cut we can find. This sale is for the slightly bigger 44mm case size and for the silver colour only currently.View Deal

The best Apple Watch deals in your region

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS,…

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS)…

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS,…

For more information, our dedicated best Apple Watch deals article is a good place to do some further research and check the best prices across the whole range. If you’d like to consider an excellent Android alternative, then our best Galaxy Watch Active deals article is worth checking out.


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