Best Buy sale knocks $100 off two Nest Hub Max smart displays


The Nest Hub Max is one of our favorite smart displays and it earned a score of 86 when we reviewed it. It’s more versatile than Google’s smaller smart displays as its 10-inch screen is great for watching videos and viewing photos, and it also comes with a video camera.

That extra hardware feature lets you video chat with friends and family, and it also lets the Hub Max act as a security camera for your home. Instead of using a separate Nest Cam, the video camera on the Hub Max can watch over your home when you’re away and you can use the companion mobile app to watch the video feed whenever you want. While there’s no physical camera shutter, you can electronically disable the camera and microphone with a swipe on the screen.

The camera also keeps an eye out for gestures you can do to control the Nest Hub Max, like holding your palm up in front of it to pause a song it’s playing. Since the hub Max is the biggest Google smart display, it’s a lot more powerful in terms of audio than its smaller siblings. It has two front-facing tweeters and one rear-facing woofer, and those help it sound much better than the regular Nest Hub. All of these features make it a great smart display that’s worthy of a spot on your kitchen counter or in your living room — and with this deal, you could have one in both spots or spread the abilities of the Google Assistant throughout your home.

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