Sony’s newest PS5 teaser focuses on immersion



Sony’s newest teaser for the PS5 is here, and it focuses on the immersive elements of next-gen gaming — namely haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D audio.

While no new information has been released regarding price or release date, which Sony still hasn’t confirmed, the teaser focuses on features new to the system and to the console generation. Haptic feedback means the controller will allow players to feel different “textures” in games — like much more advanced rumble-packs of generations past and present. Adaptive triggers will allow developers to create physical resistance in some cases, such as when your avatar is pulling a bowstring taut. Finally, 3D audio is what it sounds like: more advanced audio effects to again increase immersion.

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The actual narrative of the PlayStation 5 teaser is a bit abstract, as a woman experiences various set pieces you might find in a big-budget video game — from sea monster attacks to cave exploration — all focusing on the sensory nature of such moments.

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Watch the full teaser below.


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