Yes, Bill & Ted Face the Music has an end-credits scene


Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves return as time-traveling duo Bill and Ted in Bill & Ted Face the Music. 

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

If you plan on watching Bill & Ted Face the Music, be sure to keep watching until the last of the end credits roll for a bonus scene. The scene at the very end of the movie credits doesn’t necessarily hint at another Bill and Ted movie in the future, but you never know. 

What happens

After the Bill & Ted Face the Music credits roll, fans get a bonus scene of elderly versions of Bill and Ted from the retirement home. They get out of bed for one last musical performance. 

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At first, old Bill and Ted are lying in their beds staring at the ceiling. Bill asks, “Dude, are you dead yet?” Ted says, “No, are you?” When they confirm they’re both still in the land of the living, the duo decides to get out of bed, get their guitars and plug them into amps. 

Elderly Bill and Ted rock out, and it’s glorious to see. Also, how sweet is it that they had their beloved guitars and amps right next to their beds? 

What it means

The scene doesn’t reveal any clues to the possibility of another Bill and Ted movie. But never say never. When you have two wonderful characters like Bill and Ted who’ve mastered the art of time travel, anything could happen. 

“My favorite scenes to direct in the movie were where we see Bill and Ted as old men,” director Dean Parisot told me in an interview. “Bill and Ted apologizing to themselves for the lives they’ve had or didn’t have. I loved the level of absurdity of that. Alex just loved that old-man outfit and makeup, Keanu not so much. But Keanu is such a professional he’s there for you no matter what.” 

A side note: Apparently there’s some great footage of actors Reeves and Winter playing different variants of this scene over and over because they had so much fun shooting the end-credits scene. 

“Once they got in their old-men outfits and makeup, they had a lot of fun,” Parisot added. “Old men Bill and Ted playing at the end is all improv. We did three or four versions. They kept riffing. That was the very last thing we shot on the set for the movie. They would have kept playing but we ran out of time.”

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