Should you hold off until Black Friday to buy the iPhone 12 series?


iPhone 12 deals are officially here, flexing Apple’s first attempt at 5G, the world’s fastest phone processor, unique new magnetic charging features and a host of other incremental new changes.

But with all of these new features, the iPhone 12 and its three brothers – the Mini, Pro and Pro Max – will all cost you a decent chunk of cash which poses the key question – is it worth holding out until Black Friday to secure these new iPhones?

As the best known tech saving event of the year, Black Friday offers the opportunity to get your hands on a hefty discount across phones, cameras, consoles and well…pretty much every area of technology.

However, while normally we would fully expect Black Friday iPhone deals to offer some huge savings, the iPhone 12 is a range of handsets that we’re not all that sure will feature prominently over Black Friday.

What are the chances of iPhone 12 deals appearing over Black Friday?

Last year, we saw some truly impressive discounts on the iPhone 11 over Black Friday which – in theory – would suggest the same to happen for the iPhone 12?

The issue is due to the many delays caused by Covid-19; Apple’s iPhone 12 launch didn’t even occur until mid-October and the final two devices – the iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max – won’t be released until November 6 which is a few weeks before Black Friday on November 27.

The iPhone 11 on the other hand launched in September, giving a few months for prices to drop and retailers to be able to go big on iPhone 11 deals over the Black Friday period.

While we’re not saying there will be no Black Friday iPhone 12 deals… there’s unlikely to be any that’s going to blow your socks off, more of a light blow on them than anything.

However, unless you desperately want the handset as soon as it is launched, we would still advise waiting until Black Friday. We could all be surprised by an absolute bargain or by a retailer trying to beat out the competition.

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The other factor to consider is that Apple has launched four devices in this range and retailers will also have the iPhone SE, 11 and XR in mind. This means it is highly unlikely to see top-level offers across all four iPhone 12 devices.

In the past, the best offers tend to sit around the cheaper devices which means, if you are holding out for a cheap iPhone 12 around Black Friday, your hopes are best put in either the 12 or Mini, the Pro and Pro Max are unlikely to come that far down in price.

The Black Friday gold mine of iPhone 11 and XR deals

While we can’t be certain whether or not the iPhone 12 will offer many strong Black Friday phone deals, two handsets we are sure on are the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11.

As soon as Tim Cook and his team had finished strutting their stuff in the iPhone 12 reveal, we saw Apple heavily discount both the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. This brought the iPhone 11 down to $599/£599 and the XR came down to $499/£499.

What that means is retailers have the potential to really commit to these older but still hugely popular handsets. In fact, we wouldn’t be even slightly surprised if the best mobile phone deals of Black Friday came on these two handsets.

And unless you’re really committed to 5G or Apple’s MagSafe feature, the iPhone 11 is going to offer a very similar performance to the iPhone 12 for a far lower price tag.

The best iPhone 11 and XR deals

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